Coniferous Forest/Taiga

By: Kara Erfurth

Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Some of the abiotic factors in the Coniferous Forest/Taiga are, snow, dirt/soil, and temperature. Some biotic factors are, Oak trees, moose, and grizzly bears.

The Taiga/Coniferous Forest

The Coniferous Forest or in some places called the Taiga is located in the mountainous areas of North America, Europe and Asia. It has weak and non-fertile soil. Underneath the soil is a layer of permafrost which prevents water from passing through deep into the ground. This biome is mainly cold, it has short summers and long winters. The trees in the biome are able to adapt to cold weather such as, conifer trees. The animals in the biome are also able to adapt to the cold such as, moose, grizzly bears and wolves.

How humans help/harm The Taiga

A couple ways humans are helping the Taiga are that we have organizations trying to help global warming, and we have recently been trying to cut down less trees. By doing that it helps animals keep their habitat. But, a couple ways we harm the Taiga is, hunting the animals in it, and building civilizations causing pollution in the air.
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Cool Fact

The Coniferous Forest has lots of mountains! It also is the largest terrestrial biome.