Monday Memo Conference Edition

December 10, 2014

Video Story Problems

Mattawan Schools in Western Michigan came up with a Video Story Problems channel. The students and teachers come up with real-world examples on short videos and the students use them as learning tools. I think this is a REALLY useful tool and would love to see it implemented in some of the classrooms. You could even go cross-grade and have the older students create problems for the older students. What a great tool.

The archive of videos (which are completely available to you) can be found here:

The power of adding keyboards in iOS8

In iOS 8, you can add third party keyboards for added functionality. For example, if you work with younger students, you can add the Lowercase Keyboard. Lowercase Keyboard is a custom keyboard that uses both lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as a simplified set of numbers and special characters. The keyboard was designed with elementary students in mind. The font of the Lowercase Keyboard is "OpenDyslexic" which has been created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. The Lowercase Keyboard is $0.99.