Silver Lady

the element radium

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Element Stats: Radium

  • Protons, electrons, neutrons, atomic number: 88
  • Element Symbol: RA
  • Atomic Mass: 226
  • Characteristics: Silvery white metal, highly radioactive, glows in the dark
  • Important uses: Used to be used in luminous paints, declared too dangerous. Also used to be used as a treatment for cancer, safer methods are now available. Soldiers would paint it on their watch faces to make them glow, and factory girls painted it on their teeth to make them glow. Later in life, these people all contracted cancer. Gee, I wonder why. It couldn't be the radioactive element they painted on their teeth!
  • History: Radium was discovered by Marie Curie, isolated in 1911. Radium comes from the latin word "radius", mean ray.


The Silver Lady was once a respected character in the hero circles. She wasn't great in hand to hand combat, but was a great at helping the populace by making things beautiful. But there was a side effect to her powers that no one realized. Everyone who had been touched by her powers become deathly ill and DIED! Shunned by her fellow supers, she went into isolation, festering in at the rage and injustice to had been done to her, she stayed in hiding till she couldn't take it anymore. She went back out, but not as a hero. As a deadly villain, that was feared by the world.

Super VILLAIN abilities

  • Convinces people to be allies with her, to trust her, and then poisons them with a touch. She can also choose if the posioning is slow, or instantenous.
  • Can shoot silver beams from her eyes that can paralyze people if hit with them
  • Can make herself glow so bright, it can blind people
  • She can fly, and appears as a silver streak of light.