John F. Kennedy Assassination

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John F. Kennedy

JFK was born May 29, 1917 in Brookline MA. He was the the 35th president . JKF was shot when he was 46 by Lee Harvey Oswald. JFK was married to Jacqueline Onassis and had four kids. He graduated from Princeton university and Harvard university in 1940. Besides being the president, JFK was an author, screenwriter, Politician and a Military Officer in the Vietnam war.

The Assassination of JFK

JFK was assassinated November 22, 1963 Dallas, Texas. Lee Oswald shot him with a Italian Carcano M19/38 bolt-action rifle. JFK was rushed to the parkland hospital and was announced dead 30 minutes after the shooting. JFK was shot at 12:30 and was dead at 1:00

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