Reagan Smith


Getting There

Miles of clear blue water and white sand sounds amazing to me. Unlike San Diego the Bahamas is more of a relaxing, tropical get away. Me, Maddie, and Alaura went on a 19 hour flight (50 miles) to the Bahamas. We had two stops.The first stop was from Denver, CO to Houston, Texes (5 hour 30 minute layover), and the second stop is in from Houston to Fort Lauderdale (2 hour layover). Each ticket was $881, so we spent a total of $2643 on plane tickets. We took a cab to Treasure Cay Beach wich took about 45 minutes to get there ( $105).

History and Culture

*The Bahamas is know for its 500 miles of the clearest ocean water and year round tropical weather.

*80% of the Bahamas travelers are from the United States.

*Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas

*The Bahamas clames to be apart of Christopher Columbus' first new world dicovery.

*The Bahamas population is about 305,000 thousand people

Where to Stay

After we landed in the Bahams we took a cab to Treasure Cay Beach. There are a lots of nice hotels you can stay at, but the one that fit our need the best was Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour. We stayed for 9 nights each night $290 (for a normal room with 2 beds and 1 bathroom and beach view), so we spent a total of $2610 on the hotel room. (The hotel we stayed at is more upper class so there is cheaper hotels if you are are on a budget or have a price range, but this hotel had great reviews.) Each morning from 7:00am-10:00am there was free breakfast in the lobby of our hotel, there for we spent about $1080 (about $20 per person each meal) for lunch and dinner for each person so ended up spending about $3240 on the food for our trip.


Our hotel has Tennis court and a really nice pool that we can use so we played tennis one day and went swiming and tanning another day. Also we rented bikes for $7 for a full day so we spent $21 for 3 bikes for a day. There are also like 5 beaches we were able to go to, but we only went to 4, Treasure Sands area, Coco Beach area, Bahama Beach area, and Public Beach area. On the 6th we played a game of walk on golf for $300 for all of us. On day 7 we got a 50 minute massage and a hour mani/pedi for $170 per person ($510 for all of us). On day 8 we just ate a fancy dinner for $700 (total bill) and on the last day we just hung out and went swiming again.


The Bahamas is a nice place but we ran into a small problem is a lot of thieft. We could watch people on the beach just look throug peoples things and take what they like. This made us very aware of what is goign on, so we keep a close eye on our things. Also a scary thing that happened to us was that a 17 year old girl was strangled and sexualy assulted on a cuise to the Bahamas when we were on the Island. This caused us to be VARY aware of what was going on around us. We also all stayed together all the time just for safty percotions.


I thought that the Bahamas is very pertty!! I think our resourt and hotel was amazing to ALL traviler

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