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Great Offerings Of Costa Blanca Stretches Further

Costa Blanca or the White Coast of Spain is 200 kilometers long along the Alicante province coastline. Costa Blanca offers wide sandy beaches, quaint coves and bays with beautiful landscapes all around shaded by willowy palm groves and rich wetlands as well as nature parks.

Fantastic offerings

Costa Blanca is one of the best holiday spots in Spain for many reasons. It has a wide range of fantastic offerings that include a pleasant climate with more than 300 days of sunshine annually to delight the holidaymakers who like to drop by anytime. The annual average temperature at Costa Blanca is only 17 degrees Celsius which makes it cool and ideal for a great holiday getaway from the extreme cold winters and hot summers at other parts of the globe.

The myriad of modern tourist facilities and amenities found along Costa Blanca makes this place a delightful holiday spot to enjoy the best of sunshine and sand. The warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea offer plenty of opportunities for fun and excitement with the plethora of water activities available such as scuba diving, rafting, jet skiing, swimming, deep sea fishing and boating.

Costa Blanca looks tempting and alluring even from the skies before a touchdown; the coast from an aerial view is impressive with white sandy beaches that stretch for miles with exciting rock formations and quaint fishing villages sporting whitewashed homes.

The deep blue Mediterranean sea is impressive and intimidating at the same time until one enjoys the dip in its warm waters or indulges into some of the available water activities with the best of facilities for holidaymakers.

Nearby towns

Costa Blanca is an ideal Spanish holiday location as it is well positioned for holidaymakers to move around easily to enjoy the other exciting offerings of Spain in this region. The northern coast offers delightful towns such as Calpe, Denia and Javea with huge rock formations that draw many tourists for a must-see. South of Costa Blanca is the artist’s paradise with towns Altea and Albir which features great landscapes for the perfect picture. It is easy to be inspired in this part of Costa Blanca on canvas, camera or memory.

There is Benidorm nearby which is an interesting and popular touristic center at Costa Blanca. There is a plethora of awesome modern leisure facilities and nightlife at Benidorm to entice holidaymakers to stay longer to enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

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