Classification of Animals

Animals and Bacteria and Viruses and that Stuff

Roughly 350 B.C. Aristotle gets the ball rolling.

He is probably the most well known Greek philosopher. He divided organisms into 2 groups - plants, and animals.He divided animals into blood and bloodless. He also divided animals into 3 groups according to how they moved - walking, flying, or swimming (land, air, or water.)
Aristotle's system was used into the 1600's. Meaning he was crazily ahead of his time.

Carolus Linnaeus

  • He was a Swedish scientist.
  • He classified plants and animals according to similarities in form.
  • He divided living things into one of two kingdoms.
    • plant and animal kingdoms
    • divided each of the kingdoms into smaller groups called "genera" (plural of "genus")
    • divided each genera into smaller groups called "species"
  • He designed a system of naming organisms called binomial nomenclature which gave each organism 2 names - genus and species names. The genus and species names would be similar to your first and last names. Genus is always capitalized while species is never capitalized. To be written correctly, the scientific name must be either underlined or written in italics. His classification system is still used today; however, we use a 5 kingdom system instead.

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These men have made amazing contributions to history. Pay a little respect.

Why is classification important? - It is important because people need to know what animals and things are dangerous.

Are Linnaeus and Aristotle the only people involved in classification? - No, there are many people involved but Aristotle and Linnaeus made the biggest impact.