By Blake Tammaro

History of Slovakia

Slovakia used to be a country called Czechoslovakia but that country had split in half in 1993. Czechoslovakia split into two countries.(Slovakia and Czech Republic)

History of Flag

The white, blue, and red stripes represent Pan-Slav colors. The double cross represents St. Cyril and St. Methodius.
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Location of Slovakia

Slovakia is located South of Poland, East of Austria and Czech Republic, North of Hungary, West of Ukraine.
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Tourism; what attracts people to Slovakia

Slovakia is a great place for tourism because they offer natural landscapes, mountains, caves, medieval castles, the capital which is Bratislava, and ski resorts.


Slovakia had adapted the Euro in 2009. Before that the government facilitation had a foreign investment.
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Geography of Slovakia

Slovakia has many physical features. The Nitzke Tatry and Vysoke-Tatry are very big mountains. The Orava lake, Ondava river, Vah river, and Hron river are big water features.
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Interesting facts

Slovakia is twice the size of New Hampshire, and they have cool summers, cool, cloudy, humid winters. Slovakia natural resources are brown coal, lignite, small amounts of iron ore, salt, arable land, copper, and manganese ore.