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December 21, 2018

Did You Know?

We ask that students not transport technology alone. Please make sure a teacher is with students who are picking up or returning equipment.

Grade Send!

Grades are Due on Monday, January 7 at 4:00 PM. This is different than other grade sends!!

You will submit RC grades as usual (see instructions here)

Be sure all grades are published by completely filling in the green circles.

Then you will need to wait for the calculator to run before you can see the SEM averages; it isn't instantaneous. Here are SEM grade instructions. PLEASE TALK TO AN ADMINISTRATOR before making changes to SEM grades. They may want you to change assignment grades inside a six weeks to affect the change. We do not generally overwrite and change SEM grades themselves.

Please remember the guidelines from Administration regarding incompletes and failing grades.

If you have any policy questions, please direct those to an administrator. I am your "how to" girl! If something weird is going on, please email me AND Lisa Grey.

Incompletes will need to be resolved by Jan 14.

The grade change form can be found here. You will use this after the 4pm deadline on January 7th.


Canvas is here! You should now find a tile in the Portal to take you to Canvas where you will find courses set up. In particular, you will find a sandbox course that you can play in!

We will be having some Canvas trainings starting in January, so keep an eye out, but there is also video training that will be available soon inside Canvas itself!

For those wondering what on Earth Canvas is, it is a learning management system that creates an online space where you can post resources for students, collect and grade their work, give online quizzes, create discussion forums, create a calendar that integrates with Google and Outlook calendars, etc. And there are a lot of little things that will make this a really useful addition to your toolbox.

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5C Badges

Our first 5C Badge of the Year went to Mrs Jones and she has just submitted her second one as well! She used to have kids create a travel brochure for a post-classical city, but this year she gave them a choice of how to present the information., They could make a brochure or they could make a website, travel video , instagram or snapchat messages. The results were pretty fun! Congratulations, Mrs. Jones!
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