Bert Bochove and Anne Frank show courage through tough times

Courage is a major theme in the Diary of Anne Frank.

  • In the story, Otto Frank says to the other residents of the annex, "We're lucky. We're really very lucky." He says that they are lucky because the Nazi police had not found them yet and they were still safe. This impacted the residents of the annex by making them feel more grateful and courageous.
  • A few months after they move into the annex, Mr. Frank makes the decision to let Mr. Dussel stay in the annex with them. This decision posed many risks, such as less space and each person getting a smaller amount of food. This shows courage because they didn't have to let another person stay with them since were already scarce on food and space and letting another person stay with them could have increased their chances of being caught, but they let Mr. Dussel stay with them anyway.

Bert Bochove couragously saved people from the Nazis.

Bert Bochove was originally a mill manager from Finland, but moved to Holland and opened his own store with his wife, Annie. They hid his wife's best friend, Henny Juliard, and her husband, Pam Juliard from the Nazi police in their house above their store. He built a hiding place for them to stay. Soon, his attic was cramped with people in hiding, most of which he didn't know. He had to build extra bedrooms in the attic, but he never turned anyone down and they were never caught. This shows courage because he put his own life at risk to save people he didn't know well from suffering.

Courage is a theme relevant to my life.

  • When I was in fourth grade, I fractured my leg, had surgery to remove a tumor in my leg, and was in a cast for four months. I'm a dancer and my physical therapist told me that I wouldn't be able to dance in my recital that year, but I kept practicing and trying to strengthen my leg enough to be able to dance in my recital, and I did. This shows courage because even though the doctors and physical therapist told me I couldn't do it, I tried and accomplished my goal.
  • On Friday night, Sabeen Mahmud, a Pakistani woman, was murdered in Karachi, Pakistan. She devoted her life to finding an alternative to the religious nationalism promoted by her country. She helped human rights advocates who campaigned against the unfair ways the government treated the people. She was walking out of the arts center she had founded when she was gunned down and shot. By standing up for what she believed in and protesting against the government, she showed tremendous courage.