All about ballet


why do ballet

Ballet is important because it makes you flexible.

Especially if you want to be in gymnastics. In gymnastics you have to be balanced to work on handstands,splits,and backflips.That is why ballet is important. Another reason to do ballet is that you get to perform in front of people. And judges.

what you need for ballet

You can not do ballet if you wear your normal clothes.

Because you need stretchy clothes that are not heavy.This is what you need to wear: a ballet

dress, leotards,tight shorts or skirts and ballet slippers. The ballet slippers have a strait end to help you tip toe.Also you need a special hairdo. It has to be a bun because if your hair is down you will get sweaty. And your hair will be in your face.Fun fact you don't want it to be in your face because if you are doing the twirl and your hair is down you may fall and hit your knee. AND IT WILL HIRT SO BAD!

3 positions

there are 3 positions in ballet. First position: arms down in a circle. Your feet are heels

together and toes pointing side to side. Second position: shoulder height toes are pointing out about a foot apart. Third position: right arm in second position rite heel

is in front of the left foot toes pointing out.



Kid's Ballet Class, Age 5