Computer Hardware

2nd year ICT

Hard Drives/SSD

A hard drive is where you can keep all your data on your computer, Tablet and even on your smart phone! A hard drive cnsists of one or more one or more rigid disks rotating at once.

SSD' would be a lot more expensive then a SSD.

Optical Drive

An optical drive is a piece of equiment that uses a laser to write on disks. A PS3 and a Xbox uses a optical drive.


A CPU stand for a Central Processing Unit. CPU is responisble for intermitting and excuting. Now a days CPU's are small and square amd contain multiple metallic connectors.


A monitor is a visual display that comes on the screen. Older monitors uses a cathode red tube. Modern monitors uses a thin film resistor.


A monitor is a printed circuit board containing the princepal of a microcomputer or any other electronic devises. Also it is known as mainboard, system board or planar board. A motherboard holds all the components of a computer like the SSD and RAM.


RAM stands fo Random Accessing Memory. RAM would hold all the data in the computer like the aplications or games on the computer. For example if a computer had 4MB it would 4 million bytes of data.

Inputs and outputs

A input is used to provide data and control signals a computer or other devises. One example of a input device is a keyboard.

A output is