Friday Email

December 18, 2015

Smith Mission

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.
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Sara Anderson - Thank you for doing demo lessons with TRTW. You make such an impact with, not only our ESL students, but all students!

Donita, Nancy, Renee - You did a wonderful job with students using code. I loved seeing their faces when their Star Wars characters did the right thing. Fabulous!

Melissa Grubbs - Thank you for being such a strong advocate for Smith! You are always looking for ways to help our staff, students and parents.

4th Grade Team - Thank you for working so hard with alignment. You had clearly spent time articulating with one another around planning. Kudos!

Lisa Baril - Thank you for sharing Science Fair information with another principal. The best ideas are shared ideas!

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Important Dates:

December 21-January 1 Winter Break - Happy Holidays!

January 4 - Welcome Back! Happy New Year!

January 5 - Spirit Night at Urban Air 4:00 pm-8:00 pm

January 6 - 3:20 Professional Development (PLC Focus) - Classroom Teachers, SPED/SAIL Teachers, Specials Teachers, GT, Dyslexia, IC, Counselor - Pod 3 Area

January 8 - 7:55 Celebrate Smith, 7:00 pm Smith Staff Party (Melissa Grubb's House)

January 11 - 3:20 ITL Meeting (Corder's Room)

January 12,13,14 - CogAT Testing (1st Grade)

Welcome to Sadaf Zuberi!

We would like to welcome Sadaf to our Smith family. She will be joining us on January 4th as a paraprofessional in the SAIL classroom. She has experience working in a centralized classroom in McKinney ISD and is a former teacher from Apple Creek. We are so excited to have her!
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Dimension 3.3 Classroom Culture

Dimension 3.3 Classroom Culture:

The teacher leads a mutually respectful and collaborative class of actively engaged learners.


  • Consistently engages all students with relevant, meaningful learning based on their interests and abilities to create a positive rapport amongst students.
  • Students collaborate positively and encourage each other's efforts and achievements.

Looks Like:

  • students working together
  • class meetings
  • classroom examples of personal interests into lessons
  • bucket filling

Sounds Like:

  • students encouraging each other’s efforts and achievements
  • positive and thoughtful words
  • more student talk than teacher talk
  • mutual respect

Since I was dressed up as Santa on Tuesday...

Another funny from Jan...

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Let It Go!

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May the Force be with you...

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A huge thank you to the staff...

I am honored and blessed every day to be a part of the Smith family. Thank you for embracing me (buns and all:)! I thank you for your generous gift. You are the very best gift I could receive. Have a wonderful break! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!