France and its Key Indicators

How the country of love and passion compares to others.

About France

France is Europe's third largest country in area. It is renowned for it's monuments and landmarks. A lot of these are in France's capital and largest city: Paris. Some of these include the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre. But Paris isn't the only reason that France is so popular. Loire Valley of central France has many historic châteaux (castles) that continue to show popularity. The French are famous for their enjoyment of life and food. The delicious breads, appetizers, sauces, soups, and desserts of France are copied by cooks in most parts of the world. They are also well known for the Tour de France.

France: A Developed Nation

France's Key Indicators

France is a Developed Nation for a few reasons. Some of these include:

- Internet use among most of France.

- 33.5% of arable land.

- A steady 0.6% annual population growth.

- Around 65 million people.

- High life expenctancy for both genders, which is 78 for males and 85 for females.

- Low infant mortality per 1000 births. (About 4)

- Approximately US$4,691 is spent on health expenditure per person.

- Roughly 598 motor vehicles per 1000 people. Keep in mind that public transport is quite popular amongst the more busy cities.

- 7,468 kWh used on average per person.

- A modest 9.3% of the Labor force is unemployed.