Greggor Mendel

Scientist in genetics

Greggor Mendel

Greggor Mendel is a scientist who experimented pea plants genetics. He is credited with creating modern genetics.

Early Years

Mendel was born into a poor family of farmers, but he was a gifted child in grade school. He got his degree in teaching, but he also failed exams to become a classroom teacher many times.

Experimental Design

Mendel cross-breed pea plants and studied the effects on the plants traits. He recorded the traits of every new pea plant he grew.


In Mendel's experiment the ratio of recessive seed shape traits to dominant ones was 1:3. The ratio in pod color recessive genes to dominant was 1:3. Also the ratio of stem length recessive genes to dominant was 1:3, So Mendel found that in all traits the ratio of recessive traits to dominant traits was one recessive for every three dominant

Other Scientist's Reactions

Other Scientists did not realize what Mendel had discovered and they did not think about it much until it was later restudied and had more experiments done. That was when they realized what he had found out.

Foundation for Modern Heredity

Mendel figured out that genes are passed to the offspring intact and that the offspring has different chance for developing that trait based on the type of gene, recessive or dominant. He also figured out that some traits skip generations then appear again. By figuring this out Mendel's work lead to more studies and experiments that have now made up what we know of heredity.


Dominant gene- A gene that will overpower the other. An example would be brown eyes.

Recessive gene- A gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene. An example would be blue eyes.

Co-dominant gene- A gene that is neither dominant nor recessive. An example would be some flower's pedal color.