My 2014-2015 School Year

By Karina Bowden Period 5

7th Grade Year

Up until this school year I didn't excersize that much and I didn't know how to act. This year I learned a lot about how to be an actor and was able to be in a lot of different plays in drama class. This year I made a lot of new friends like Paige and Lexzi. At home, I decorated my room a lot more and found new room decorations that I liked. I put up a bunch of lights in my room and it looks really cool when there lit up. I've also been hanging out with my sister a lot too ever since she graduated collage.
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In Conclusion

Truthfully, I was very nervous to go to middle school. I was worried about losing my friends and that I would have a lot of homework and wouldn't be able to do anything after school. This school year wasn't actually that hard. I feel like I didn't do that bad . I need to worry less about not being capable of doing things right.

I am also super excited to become an 8th grader but I'm not excited to have a bunch of seventh graders know nothing about CVMS. I hope next year is better than this year and that next year, when I try out for Sharks competitive I will make it and become a better soccer player. I'm probably going to learn a lot in my classes next year. And next year I'm excited for physical science because we won't have to just sit around and take notes about and plants. This year was surprisingly a pretty good year for me