Recovering from Diseases


What is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

But what are ways that resilience is shown in real life?

For example, some may apply for college and the college rejects them, the person later reapplies to other colleges and this shows that they can recover from rejection quickly and pursue their dreams to go to college. But being resilient can also kick in when you have experience a traumatic moment such as experiencing a family member die or putting a family pet down. Overall, you can become resilient if you have the courage to move forward into your dreams and leave difficulties behind.

Timeline: Fighting through Cancer.

Lilia Panergalin, the woman who fought against cancer and put her faith into God. In 2011, my grandmother, Lilia found out she had stage 3 lung cancer. Like any family member would react we were all shocked. But studies show that Asian women are more prone to get lung cancer due to a genetic thing. But next, we went to the doctors for x-rays, check-ups, blood tests, and etc. to make sure the doctors can be able to handle and stop the cancer from spreading. After 3 months of chemotherapy, countless surgeries, and patches of hair falling out, Lilia, or my grandma was on the brink of recovery. Air tanks followed her every move, and very distinct food was recommended to her, just for safety precautions. Until 3-4 months later when water started to refill with liquid in her lungs which caused an emergency surgery. She spent days, weeks, and months in the hospital. She adjusted herself to getting surgeries and chemotherapy. A tube that followed her every mover with air tanks attached. This routine lasted a whole year. But 2 years of fighting pain and adjusting to the horror, my grandma gave up fighting.

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Things that causes Cancer and why they effect you.

Some may say that doing certain things may cause cancer. If a person smokes it results in lung cancer because the lungs are being corrupted by the chemicals it gives off. Also staying in the sunlight too long without protection can cause skin cancer due to the ultraviolet ray that the sun produces. And also if a past family member had cancer there's a very small chance that someone in the family might get cancer due to heredity. Cancer consists of many other factors but theses are only a few main risks of cancer. As a result you can be able to avoid certain things like tobacco and keeping skin protected, so you can gave a low risk of getting cancer

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How sick people act during a disease vs. after a disease

Once a person catches a illness it's never the same before or after. People during the disease have more anxiety due to the stress of the disease becoming worse. But this differs from people after they overcome the disease. They become more relaxed due to the fact that they have nothing to worry about. But something they have in common is that they are both aware of current health and become more paranoid in what they put in their bodies.

Also, people during a disease are more dependent on others such as family, doctors, and friends. On the other hand, people after a disease are more independent to show that they are improving to their normal life. But they are both the same because they are both marked with the disease. The means they mentally or physically show that they had/has this disease. Although, recovering from a disease is way different from a person with a current disease, we all know that they are almost the same person.

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Main cause of serious diseases: Prevention

Cancer and other various diseases are cause by many things but the main problem is that people have bad eating habits, such as eating junk food all the time or taking drugs and binge drinking alcohol. One possible solution is to make sure eating/drinking habits aren't frequent. Drinking things like filtered water and milk, could prevent you from having a serious disease. Another solution is to get a check-up. Although it sounds like a no-brainer, most people usually don't go to check-ups. Check-ups aren't for the doctor to know how you are but it's to help you to know what your current health is. Another possible solution is to get vaccinated from a doctor. Vaccination is a well-known solution to prevent various illnesses because it decreases you chance of getting diseases like HIV, the flu, and others. Overall, maintaining perfect health can prevent you from having serious illnesses or caners.

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Author: Rianna Panergalin