Cellular Resperation

Leah and Solomon


- photosynthesis

The sun gives light energy and the chlorophyll absorbs that energy and it makes it to the chloroplast and the chloraplast turns it into oxygen. At these me time water is absorbed by the roots. And ATP is produced

-Cellular Resperation

We breath in oxygen and it is carried to the lungs and the blood spreads the oxygen around the body and to be the cells and then the lungs give out oxygen.


- both produce ATP

- Cellular Resperations chemical equation:


- Photosynthesis


- Cellular respiration Products:

6CO2 and 6H2O and energy(ATP)

- photosynthesis products:

C6H12O6(or G3P) and 6O2 and 6H2O

- Cellular respiration reactants

C6H12O6 and 6O2

-Photosynthesis reactants:

6CO2 and 12H2O and light energy