alan and naomi

by myron levoy project by reece tatman

explaning book alan and naomi

  • Exposition; the story alan and naomi tacks place in new york city during would war two the main characters are alan naomi and shaun.Naomi is a frech jew so wene
  • germans won all of frans the germans kill her father macking her go insane wene naomi and her mom manage to get to the usa she is mad with greaf. Alan is tring to help her become sane.'Text evidence sitting'/it is 1944 in new york city.
  • Exposition/ alan is playing baseball wene he is tode to help a jew name naomi.Rising action alan is have a very hard time helping naomi./ Climax/ naomi tells a very sad story about what happend in frans./Falling action/ naomi slowly gets better and grows lest insane.Resolution/ naomi is a lot lest insane but she is stell insane and thay can not help her beacuse she jest keeps runing away,

the conflict of alan and naomi

Man vs self/naomi is insane from a very scaring experns as a litter kid so she is fighting

her self with the costent memery of her father dead on the floor./Man vs society/ beacoses a grope called the nazis hate jews like her self thay manage to flee to the usa.

the theme of alan and naomi

the theme of this story is never gave up. and what happend in the past stays in the past.

/protagonist/alan/ alan is the protagonist becoseus he helps naomi tri get her sane.

4 facts of the time period

1.The nazis hate the jews.

2.The wolde is at war.

3.Hitler is trying to tack over the wolde.

4.A lot of people died in the wars that were going on.

the role of the setting in the story

The fact that the nazis hate the jews. And the main characters are jews so thay have to go away from there home and thay have to go to the usa to be safe.