Where is Middle Earth?



The landscape of Alaska includes forests, tall mountains, and numerous rivers and lakes.The native language is English. The culture includes modern American and native American. The religious views are mainly Protestant, though they have a diversity with all religions. The first people who came to Alaska were the Incas and other Native American tribes. The ancestors of those are still thriving in Alaska today.


My region, or state, would make a great Middle Earth. The large mountains would represent the Lonely Mountain that they pass over. The lakes would be from where Bilbo met Gollum. The forests would represent the trails the had to pass through on horse to get to the Lonely Mountain.

Counter Claim.

I think that Alaska would be the best because it has all the physical features of Middle Earth. Alaska has mountains, rivers, caves, even deserts. It could suit any type of life form and any physical features on Earth. It is also great because it is close to Canada and The United States for trade and a close government and military assistance. It could also help with getting resources over to the state. The weather is also suitable for many people and living creature on this Earth.

In Conclusion...

In summary, I think that Alaska would be the best fit for Middle Earth because it has various land forms and the perfect weather for life in Middle Earth.