Seriously? Like an old Mary Kay party?

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How the conversation always goes....

Every time I mention the idea of hosting a social to someone, I am met with the same response. Their face twists up, and I see them mentally telling their girlfriends what they just committed them too.

Sally Needsanout: So this girl I know cornered me about a makeup party - I didn't know how to say no, so it's next Friday. You'll come right? Great! Be there at 7:30 pm.

Best Friend: I hate you. No!


Duuuude, aghhh!"

Then Sally smiles, tells me she'll check some dates, or that this is a super busy month and I let her off the hook because, I TOTALLY GET IT!!! I am a professional dodger of the shit. I. GET. IT.

But here's the thing, you don't have to fear "the makeup party", at least not MY makeup party.

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Okay, I'm listening...

Admittedly, I have never been to a social other then my own. So I'm shooting' from the hip here.

I want your guest to have a GREAT time! I want you to look like the hero for introducing them to something both clean and beautiful (it's like you found the new hot band first) and I want the vibe to match your tribe.

I promise to be knowledgeable! Your guest will get filled in on why this matters, how this has been allowed to occur and what they can do if they choose to rethink their products. But I also promise not to be boring. I WILL NOT put you on the hook for a long, dull, annoying night.

There will be no pressure to purchase! Part of why I do this is obviously to make money - because life. BUT another larger reason is THIS company and their mission. The idea that safe products BELONG IN THE HANDS OF EVERYBODY aligns with how I see things. I love helping people learn how to read labels, how to find safe products, (even those that may not be Beautycounter), and how to begin minimizing theirs and their families exposure and risk. The mom in me and the nerd in me just love passing along this great information.

I PROMISE NOT to be all doom and gloom! No one will leave feeling that if they don't purchase Beautycounter, they are going to die. We are exposed daily to a large number of environmental pollutants, and the reality is we cannot avoid them all. But just like choosing to eat organic, or to not smoke, or to microwave only glass - there are choices you can make with your products too. And over time, if we begin to make a bunch of positive small choices, that adds up to BIG CHANGE.

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**Host a social in June or July, with 5 or more people, and be entered to win a $200 product credit from me**

Ok, I'm intrigued...what else is in it for me?

There are so many great ways to do this, usually as the hostess you provide some appetizers, snacks or dessert and if your group indulges, I will bring a bottle of your choosing. This can be as casual or fancy as you like (but I don't wear heels, so not that fancy!)

Once your social reaches $250 in purchases you begin to earn host rewards. You can earn up to 5 FREE products and 5 50% off products.

2 Hours is a good amount of time to dedicate.

Here are some ideas that I have seen work well:

The "we all have kids" social

Invite the men and kids along, toss them all into the yard to play and I'll even bring beer for your husbands. While the men do men things, and tire out your little treasures, you can sit inside and and sample the entire line. Did I mention we have kids products and are about to launch a men's line...

The "I NEED a night away from the kids" social

Let's pick an evening that works for you and your ladies, kiss those kiddo's goodnight on your way out the door and come enjoy the adult company of your friends. I will hit the road when we're done, and you all enjoy the rest of your girls night.

The "I own a business" social

A round table is a great way to gain feedback from some of your trusted clients and your staff. If you are considering adding a skin care / makeup line to your business then this is a perfect way to get to know Beautycounter and learn how it can positively impact your business.

The "We all have ZERO time" social

How about coffee and brunch? I know a great bakery! Introduce your busy friends and family to Beautycounter over a quick brunch - and then carry on and enjoy your Summer day!

The "I'm inviting only work friends" social

I spent 15 years working for some top corporations complete with HR offices. I remember how it goes, and I have a "work face" and I'm happy to wear it. This is a great happy hour social. We can pick an easy location for everyone to meet at.

The "I want to bank the rewards and be entered to win the $200 product credit, BUT I DO NOT want to clean my house / I live out of town" social

I know a place! We can host an online social!! This is an easy one to solve!

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Okay! This sounds fun! Now what?

Now you contact me...

It's 2016, I can be reached 9 different ways all on my phone.

Once you reach out, we'll figure out what works for you, pick a date, I'll provide you an invitation and done! Easy breezy.