Ways Not To Be Depressed

Advice to Help With Depression

Ways To Get Your Mind Off Something That Makes You Depressed

Some people try to bring people down my saying they're worthless, ugly, or alone but you're actually not. The things people say might make you depressed and ways to help instead of cutting or trying to commit suicide is write a sing or story. Here are some solutions, solution 1. If your passion is singing then sing or listen to music. Solution 2. Hangout with people you feel safe and happy around. Solution 3. If you have an animal them cuddle with the animal or play with the animal, do something that will get your mind off of whatever made you depressed.
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Separating or Divorcing Parents

When I was eight my parents separated, they fought a lot and it was so hard to understand why and I always thought it was my fault that they divorced but as I got older I released that it had nothing to do with me. The way I coped with it was I talked to my parents about it and asked if the reason that they were getting a divorced was because of me. They told me it wasn't because of me it was just not working between them. That usually happens in relationships. If you are to scared to talk to your parents then write them a letter about what you are feeling and give it to them. If they try to talk to you about it then talk to them, explain everything about the letter. If you have questions then ask them don't be afraid.

"The way I coped with it was I talked to my parents about it..."

Effect of Parents Going Through A Divorce on Young Kids

When kids are at a young age and their parents are going through a divorce, it's really hard for them to cope with it. Teenagers and up are able to cope with the problem that is in front of them. When parents are going through a divorce it's hard for the parents too but them bringing it onto the kid makes the kid have deep, deep depression. When kids start to get older they go through their depression stage and since they were young they had bad depression so it starts to get worse and worse as they get all the way in the stage.

What To Do If You Think Your Friend Is Depressed

Here's what you do if you think your friend is depressed. Step 1. You Notice, "You've been acting differently lately." Step 2. You Care, "It could be something serious like depression. I'm worried about you." Step 3. You Help, "Have you talked to an adult yet? I can go with you if you want." Never keep depression or thoughts of suicide a secret!
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