Technology In Todays Schools

Is it really bad that technology is getting so involved?

Technology has a key impact on students and how they learn. Students should be allowed to have any form of technology that will help aid in their studies.

Apps With Curriculum

Technology can influence children from a young age, so retired teacher “Cyndie Sebourn” has created an application called “Apps With Curriculum” that helps kids learn from a young age. Her first App “Smarty Britches: Nouns” teaches young kids about nouns even before they enter school.

Micro-scale graphene-based superconductors

The UCLA researchers have developed a ground breaking technique that uses a DVD burner to fabricate micro-scale graphene-based super capacitors. The researchers glued a layer of plastic onto a DVD and then coated it with a layer or graphite oxide. Then used a DVD burner to “write” on it. By using a disc burner, this technology is very easy to get ahold of and is very inexpensive. Students can use this technology in everyday school life, as well as at home.


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