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MuyInteresante: El ritmo de tuiteo revela quién ha escrito un tuit

Usando ciertos algoritmos para analizar en qué intervalos de tiempo se emiten mensajes desde una cuenta de Twitter es posible diferenciar si el emisor una persona, una empresa o un programa informático, independientemente del lenguaje usado y del contenido del tuit, según se desprende de un estudio del Imperial College de Londres (Reino Unido) que publica la revista PLOS ONE. Leer mas.

Huffington Post: World's Largest Building, New Century Global Center, Opens In China

Where can you spend a day at work, do some serious shopping, sleep in a five-star hotel, go ice skating, swimming AND tanning without ever stepping outside? At the New Century Global Center, in Chengdu, China, obviously. Read more.

Designboom.com: magic carpet of 36 shipping containers hang at pier 57

a historic wharf situated at 15th street within hudson river park in manhattan, pier 57 was once a former shipping terminal; a commercial point of import and export. young woo & associates (YWA) is breathing new life into the industrial space, acknowledging its bygone days and transforming it into a cultural destination. Read more.

El Pais Online: 10 maneras de ponerse en forma viajando

Desde una semana en un 'fitness resort' en la costa de Kenia, a los 3.500 kilómetros del sendero de los Apalache, en Estados Unidos o lecciones de surf en Byron Bay, Australia. Leer mas.

New Yorker: A Billion Stores

In my neighborhood, near the Lama Temple, the men and women in fluorescent orange jumpsuits work for the district sanitation department. Many are migrant workers from the countryside; they sweep the alleys, clean the public restrooms, and collect the trash. Read more.

Blog: Mamelodi for a Month

One middle class family's experiences living in a shack in Mamelodi, South Africa. A They are challenging themselves as a well-off white middle family with two young children to survive on the average black household income of R5000 per month, and living in a 9m2 one room shack with outside communal tap and ablutions with no electricity for cooking and lighting. Visit their blog.

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