The Name of This Book is Secret

Book by Pseudonymous Bosch. Project by Luke Bunting Block 1


The book takes place in many locations. Cass and Max go to their school, a firehouse, Max's house, and the magician's house. While at the magician's house they learn of Dr. L's past which is important to them being able to scare him later in the story. Most of the story, including the climax, happens in the Midnight Sun Spa. The spa is shaped like an ancient Egyptian pyramid even though the story takes place in a few days time during present day. The pyramid is made of wood and has a hole in the top like a sort of skylight. The hole, or skylight, is how Cass and Max were able to frighten Dr. L. When the torch fell, the pyramid caught on fire and trapped all the antagonists inside. The spa being located in a pyramid suggests that the pyramid has been around a long time. The people who work in the spa don't age and they are trying to find a way to obtain complete immortality. Using a pyramid for the setting helps give meaning to what the workers at the spa are up to.

Conflict and Plot

The main conflict in the book is the people at the spa want to live forever and are willing to kill Benjamin Blake to make that happen. The conflict is definitely man VS. man because Cass and Max-Ernest don't want Dr. L to kill Benjamin Blake. In the Exposition, Cass and Max-Ernest meet Dr. L and his co-workers. In the Rising Action, Benjamin Blake gets captured and taken to the Midnight Sun to be killed. In the Climax of the story, Cass and Max-Ernest save Benjamin. They also burn The Midnight Sun Spa to the ground with the workers in it. In the Falling Action, they escape from the spa. In the resolution, Cass and Max-Ernest get home safe.


The climax of the book happens in a pyramid with a moat and a skylight. The pyramid represents something not of this world. The people working in the spa located in the pyramid use procedures to attempt immortality. The circular moat flowing around the pyramid, symbolizes eternity and emphasizes their hope to be immortal. The pyramid's skylight shows the dark sky, symbolizing immortality. The workers in the spa are evil and the darkness of the sky symbolizes that evil. A pyramid is used by the author on purpose. The reader should know something supernatural and evil is happening at the spa.
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Book Review

The Name of This Book is Secret is a pretty good book that's full of adventure and humor. One of the things I like about this book is that no ones dies, even though there are lots of near death experiences . There are plenty of injuries but no death. I enjoyed the authors use of humor and sarcasm. For example, the name of the book itself made me want to read it because I was curious about all the secrecy. I also like the way he numbers the chapters different from other books, there's half of chapter of "XXX" and the black page that warns the reader to stop. Of course, that page made me want to read the book even more. I would definitely recommend this book!