Do Animals Need Our Help

By: Edie, Aline, and Tori

Animals can help themselves, but humans can help feed, create shelters, and keep them healthy if needed.

Neglected Baby Chimp

In this article, a baby chimp named "Keeva" was neglected by her own mother "Carole". The Maryland and Florida Zoo both tried to reconnect them, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. The zoo has been providing shelter and food in place for Carole. I found this article on NEWSELA this was called Baby Chimp, Neglected by Mother, Adapts to a New Home in Florida Zoo.

Saving the Whales

Typical Whale-Watching Trip Leads to Humpback Whale Rescue was about when a whale watching boat found a whale with steel ropes, crab lines ,and boyes attached to its tail not allowing it to dive down and find food. The watchers eventually cut of the line and other debris on its fin.Without them the whale would have starved.

More Belugas in the World

Lastly, Georgia Aquarium Loses Court Battle and wont be getting Beluga whales . The aquarium was going to bring more Beluga whales into america to save their species. They took it to court and didn't get to save them,but now the Beluga jean pool has gotten better along the years.
From these articles this shows that animals do need human help, but they can also do things on their own. In some of these articles animals survived due to other human help, and in some cases live longer.