Sam Adams

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Presented by: Brandi Brooks, Hailey Hess, and Nicole Rademacher

USA Founding FatherS: Samuel Adams

Sam Adams is well known for orginizing the Boston Tea Party.

Born September 27, 1722 in Boston Massachusetts to a brewer.

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INTEGRITY: Living by moral and ethical principles; demonstrating moral character and honesty

Whether or not Samuel Adams was a man of integrity is a controversial topic people still argue over today. One example of his dishonest behavior was in his early career, Adams was assigned the post of tax collector but neglected his duties and often was left with a shortage of money for the government. However, Adams made many great contribution to the American Revolution and some disagree that he is a man of great character. He resisted the British's parliamentary taxation with respect and by the law with legal petitions such as petitions and boycotts and was against violent mobs.

CITIZENSHIP: The status of a citizen with rights and duties

Adams is considered very patriotic in favor of the colonies. He was a political leader for his community and fought for the rights of his fellow citizens. One of his most famous quotes, "The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks." (Adams), shows how passionately involved he was in his community. It also shows in his efforts to rally against the British in his article, Resolutions of the Town of Boston, which encouraged Americans to not pay the tax placed by the Tea Act and claimed all those who did would become "an enemy to America". His actions to earn and preserve not only his rights, but the rights of other citizens, demonstrating excellent citizenship.


Born on September 27 1722 in Boston Massachusetts to a brewer and merchant, Samuel Adams would grow up to not be a successful Brewer, but a successful politician. He graduated from Harvard University in 1740, and again in 1743 with a Master's Degree.

The Adams' constant fear of actions by the British rule resulted in him supporting independence from England. He was apart of the Democratic-Republican Party.