The Rise Of The Feudal States

By Maddie W and Claire R

EQ: How do leaders effect an empire?

Effects Of The Barbarian Invasions On Europe

Rome fell, the empire crumbled due to the barbarian attacks. The barbarians that invaded later chose to settle and no longer be nomadic. The settlements they created didn't last very long.

Reasons Why Feudal States Emerged

European leaders didn't try to restore Roman institutions, they adopted anything, for instance, feudal states. The way the feudal system worked was that the land was divided by The Lord/King and they had vassals who were in charge of that designated area.
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The Franks

Clovis settled this kingdom in Europe. Clovis converted to Christianity and because of this he got the approval of the Christians. They settled in Gaul and made it Frankland, they joined the army and helped fight between allies and the the Huns. They conquered many tribes and Roman leaders. Over time the Franks became one of the most known groups to have an established a kingdom. They ruled over a big section of Europe. They had knights and because they fought in wars the got land in return for there service.
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Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire

Charlemagne was one of the greatest leaders of the Franks. Known as the father of the modern world, Charlemagne was impressive in politics and military tactics and began a campaign of promoting higher education. Under his rule, the feudal system first began to arise. After his death, Charlemagne's empire fell apart as his three sons battled to determine the next ruler of the empire. The empire ended up being split between his three sons and the empire slowly dissolved, and feudal states began to emerge and rise to power.

The Feudal System

CTQ: How did Charlemagne effect not only the time he ruled but also the future kingdoms?

A Brief Summary of the Aftermath of Feudal States

The system of feudal states led to aristocracy, which lasted for hundreds of years. In France, they didn't get fully rid of aristocrats until the French Revolution, and tsarist Russia wasn't overthrown until the Russian Revolution in 1917 and 1918. Feudal states have affected the societal structure of modern countries, and have affected the balance of power between social classes.


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