Tech Tuesday


Today's Tech Tuesday is going to be self-paced. We are here to answer any questions you might have, but the goal of this training is to allow you to spend time exploring.

Task #1: What is Thinglink?

  • ThingLink is the leading platform for creating interactive images
  • It can be used with all subjects
  • It can be used in the APP and in a browser
  • It can be used on computer. There are more options on the web version and you are welcome to use a computer during this time instead of you iPad.
  • Both teachers and students can be the creator of a Thinglink
  • Check out the examples below to get an idea for what it can do.

Task #2: Get the APP

  • Click the link below to download the app
  • If you already have the app and an account then skip to Task #5

Task #3 - Set up your account

  1. Click on "Get Started"
  2. Sign up with your Midway Google Account
  3. Click "accept"

NOTE: Students can use their Google Accounts also. This will make it so much easier for students to not have to keep up with another log in and password.

Task #4 - Look at the sample

NOTE: If you already had the APP downloaded, skip this part.

  • Look at the JFK sample to see what Thinglink can do
  • Click on the little "i" for information
  • Click on the play button to see video

Task #5 - Create a Thinglink

  • Go to the plus icon in the top right corner
  • Select an image
  • Add Text (Text limited to 2000 characters)
  • Add Media (Take a video, Choose from gallery, add from YouTube)

Now that you know how to use Thinglink, spend the rest of the time:

  • making a Thinglink for your students to use
  • planning a way to have your students create a Thinglink

Video Tips

  • Enter videos as links from clean video search using the "Add Text" feature in Thinglink if you are unsure if it will play for a student.
  • Videos attached from your camera roll will play for students