By: John Steinbeck

"A thriller, a gripping tale that you will not set down until it is finished"- THE NEW YORK TIMES


2 ranch hands walking around California's dusty vegetable fields looking for work during the great depression. The 2 ranch hands names are George, a small, smart man, along with lennie, a tall, muscular man with the mind of a child. Together they have formed a family like bond, while they travel around doing what ever work they could for any amount of money they can get.
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Overall I would rate this book with 5/5 stars because its a classic book that has action, the american dream, and saddening scenes.
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It would be recommended for ages 12 and up.

Why did I chose this book?

I chose this book because it looked like a good book to read and the summary on the back looked pretty good.
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