Apps for a high school classroom


Quizlet is a mobile app that can be used in many ways. It can be downloaded off of this website onto any device. With it students can make flashcards, practice tests, or even play games with their study terms. Quizlet is an effective way to study, and allows students to have fun with learning. Students can also track their study progress and keep track of which terms may stump them the most. It can be used to suit both visual and auditory learners. Quizlet comes with auditory functions which can read definitions out to those who need to hear it. Teachers can use this to support student learning.


Mobl21 can be downloaded right off of their website. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, android, desktop, blackberries, and any other devices listed here. This contains flashcard stacks made for K-12, so it is suitable for all ages. Students can make flashcards, study guides, and quizzes to support their learning. Since this app is so accessible, students can use it on the go. They can create their own study material, share it with friends, collaborate with teachers, and keep track of their results. Since students cab collaborate, this app is also good for educators. We are able to keep track of our students progress, or see if they are not studying at all.

Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is an app that can be downloaded from here. This app can be downloaded onto iPhone, iPad, tablets, etc. It contains a wide variety of videos ranging from science, to math, to physics, etc. In these videos there are mini topics that contain tutorials on how to complete certain math equations, or any problem they are having trouble solving. This app would be very helpful to all high school students. They can access it very easily when completing assignments. Not all students are at the same level of learning, so Kahn Academy provides everyone with a little extra help. This video talks a little more about Kahn Academy, and the video below is an example of how Kahn Academy would help a student solve a trig substitution problem.
Integrals: Trig Substitution 1


Froguts is an app that can be downloaded for apple products. It can be purchased in the app store, google play, or amazon and used as a supplement for an in class biology dissection. Not all students are comfortable with doing in class dissections. This app allows students to get the full experience and learn about the specimen without fearing the smell or fear fainting in class. This app has a microscope, real 3D effects, audio, and teaches students about the anatomy of the frog they are dissecting. Teachers can use this app as an options for those who may not feel comfortable completing the real thing. This video contains a demo on how froguts works.


Ted is an app that contains a wide variety of talks by different speakers. On a variety of different topics speakers such as Linda Hill, Andy Yen, and many others. These speakers give "Ted Talks" which go in depth about a variety of different areas of interest. Teachers can use this app to find talks appropriate to the content they are teaching. These talks can be used to go more in depth about certain content, or used as another way to present information to students.

Below is an example of a Ted Talk that could be used to show students that what they post on the web even in a private email, is never actually private.