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Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is sent off to a boys detention center, Camp Green Lake, where they dig holes all day in the ground to build character. Stanley meets new people and makes some friends. Stanley is supposed to be digging and digging at the camp for 18 months. He was sentenced to either jail or camp and he chose camp thinking it was an easy fun regular camp. He was brutally wrong. Stanley got accused of stealing a pair of shoes from a famous baseball player. Stanley and his family blamed his no good great great grandfather for their problems saying he cursed them. While at the camp Stanley figures out that things aren't as they seem. They are really digging to find a valuable object. Stanley tries to get to the bottom of things and gets himself in a knot. Will Stanley solve the problem and set everyone free or will his great great grandfather spoil his plans again. Find out when you read Holes by Louis Sachar.


Stanley Yelnats - Stanley is overweight, average height, protagonist, falsely accused of theft, best friend of Zero, nickname was Caveman

Zero - real name is Hector, stole the shoes not Stanley, best friend of Stanley, best digger, never been taught how to read or write

People in Stanley's cabin







Warden - Cruel, She rewards anyone who finds an object while digging, is making the boys dig holes to try to find the treasure, antagonist

Mrs. Yelnats - Mrs. Yelnats is Stanley's mother, always tries to point out the luck that the family has

Mr. Yelnats - Stanley's father, inventor, smart, try to discover a way to recycle old sneakers, Eventually he discovers a cure to foot odor

Mr. Sir - one of the counselors at Camp Green Lake, tough, mean, always eating sunflower seeds instead of smoking, antagonist

Mr. Pendanski - In charge of tent D, mean, always picking on Zero, Antagonist

Clyde Livingston -famous baseball player whose shoes Stanley is accused of stealing He also suffers from a foot odor


Stanley was sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing a pair of shoes. He was falsely accused so he chose to go to the camp instead of jail thinking it was any old camp. While at camp Stanley meets a boy named Hector(Zero). They cause a lot of trouble at the camp. They both run away from the camp living off of wild onions. When they sneak back to the camp they stumbled upon a treasure chest in which they dug out of the ground at night. The counselors caught them but couldn't get them out of the hole they were digging in because they were digging in a yellow-spotted lizard nest. The lizards were poisonous so the counselors waited until the yellow spotted lizards killed Zero and Stanley. The counselors were not trying to build character they were looking for the treasure chest Stanley and Zero found. Then Stanley's lawyer came and caught the counselors in their act. The lawyer took Zero and Stanley from the camp and eventually turned the camp into a girl scouts.


I recommend this book to any person who likes to read suspenseful mysteries that keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I also would recommend this book to anyone who likes many stories in one story.
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