GMO project

GMOs can be good or bad, but mostly bad


GMOs can cause a good amount of damage to the animal and you

Non-GMO Project

High Risk of Health Crops have a good chance of wounding someone's health, such as these; Alfalfa, Canola corn, Cotton, Soy. Sugar Beets, Zucchini, and Yellow summer splash
Monitored Crops: Vulgates, Brassicarapa, Brassicanapa, Curitiba, Flax, and Wheat

GMOs cause 18 million intestinal disorders in humans

You may be wondering about what else is going on

it's been going around on Tomatoes, Potatoes, Salmon, and PIGS
GM potatoes damaged rats, Bt Corn caused: rats to have multiple health problems, triggered a disease on humans, twelve cows mysteriously died, GM corn caused some animals to be sterile (Unable to give birth) and GM Food supplement killed about 100 people and caused 5,000-10,000 to fall sick, AND, it can make sickness last a lot more longer

On the Other Hand

when GM Corn does come by, it becomes resistant to weeds, pests, and other diseases, as it does grow quickly. also GM foods are sustainable of hiding vaccines in their self against AIDs and so on, and have more taste, better quality, and better nutrition benefits.

In the end

GMOs can be good or bad, however it can harm many people, might even kill people and animals.

As said in research, GM food can kill people and animals just by eating it, and it could make animals go sterile, might even happen to humans