Civil War Connection Activity

Kayla and Bella

How were kids affected in the U.S Civil War?

Many children suffered from physical hardship and emotional loss. When the husbands and older sons were away there wasn't as many people to help around the house so the children had more chores to take care of. Kids in the north had many more opportunities for games and what, than kids in the south.

How were kids affected in the Vietnam War?

Most children in Vietnam at this time didn't know who their fathers were and were typically abandoned by their mothers. Many of these children were taunted about being Ameriasians. Many kids were born with defects that were caused by the chemical that the U.S sprayed over Vietnam.

How were both affected?

All children I'm both wars were affected with emotional loss. Their childhoods were basically ripped from their hands.
Jennifer Lawrence - Hanging Tree (Lyrics)
The hanging tree relates to the photo and poem because it's talking about death. It's talking about how the "capital" killed people. It's saying they should run and hide.