Vanessa Lawrence

Mother, Student, Fiancée, Sister, Daughter, Friend

Bits of me.

Originally from South Korea, I was adopted into a Caucasian family. I was raised with two older brothers, however, I was the only one adopted. I lived in Colorado Springs, CO my entire life up until 8 years ago when I decided to move to P.A.

I grew up in a middle class family where both my parents worked non-stop in order to give my brothers and I the lives that we had. I feel that class would be one of my identity markers; I don’t think it defines me as a whole, but it certainly has everything to do with how I was raised. Living in the suburbs and going to predominately white school’s my entire life (elementary-High school) definitely made me aware of issues that were both upfront and avoided. Ethnicity being another identity marker was something that I had to accept. I used to wish I was Caucasian for years growing up because I had experienced being the butt of jokes, and had been ostracized for being Korean.Now, at 28 I have certainly accepted who I am, and am proud to be me.

On a positive note one of the advantages of being middle class where I lived was being able to go to top school districts. Looking back, I was truly lucky to have had the educational experience that I did growing up. One of which stuck with me, the creative arts. From as far back as I can remember art was encouraged in every grade level, whether it be dancing, singing, acting, or creating, they were still as important as say sports. So for me personally, I stuck with what I enjoyed and something I advocate from this day forward. Today I am at Millersville studying to get my B.A. degree in Art. Photography and printmaking have remained my most favorite mediums. I also have the pleasure of being a mother to an oh so creative, smart little girl, who is truly the light in our lives. I am looking forward to my last few semesters here at Millersville.