Disney Theme Park in Africa

In Arusha,Tanzania By:Kevin,Brianna and Leigha


Temperatures relatively low and alleviates humidity. Cool dry air is prevalent for much of the year.

Land features

9,000,000 Anchors in Arusha- Tanzania
And My Obstacles Are Trees and Valleys.

Sorrounding Industry

The city hosts numerous small and large businesses, banking, retail and commercial enterprises thus making it the financial and cultural capital of the Arusha region.

Surrounding Tourist

Location close to,theme park

Close to Tengeru and Nelson Mandela University. Its ideal for farming and livestock keeping, and all infrastructures are available, electricity, river with water throughout the year, village water and passable roads.


Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) is situated 46km/29mi east of Arusha. Tanzania's main airport is Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR).Also there's Bus's and Taxis to go to the Disney Theme park

Political Stability

Since it enacted tough economic reforms in the 1990s, Tanzania
has become a favourite of a wider range of donors including Japan and the uS, and donors have contributed between 40-50% of the government budget annually. However, the high-pro le corruption scandals in 2008 led to a wavering of donor support. For the moment, it appears that donors remain committed to the country owing to Tanzania’s political stability and the action the government has taken against corruption, which has placated donor concerns so far.

Health Care

There are six levels of healthcare in Tanzania, from village health posts through to district, regional and referral hospitals. Even in rural areas, more than 90 per cent of people live within 10 kilometers of a basic clinic

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