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June 1-3

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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to June!

It feels like we've come a long way together since this pandemic began. I appreciate all the support for school initiatives. Your tremendous focus on school excellence is truly amazing! The fact that almost every RC MacDonald student is actively involved with their classmates and teachers and producing assignments is incredible. Thank you parents and grandparents for your unwavering commitment to providing learning experiences and a solid education for the children. Thank you teachers and staff for your enthusiasm and dedication even as we wade into uncharted territory.

This week we formally begin our adventures in Stage 3 for schools across British Columbia. I assure you that every effort will be made to prepare lessons and connect with online learners throughout this month. On site we will be focusing on modelling health and safety behaviour at school. We will do our absolute best to cover the same learning materials in person as online.

Aside from teaching and learning the RC MacDonald Community is beginning to experience the fun of a forest rehabilitation project. If your family has not had a chance to plant a tree or do some watering- don't lose hope! There is plenty of opportunity to help out in June, with Summer watering and then in the Fall we will have more trees to plant. On Monday and Tuesday a mulch order will arrive and we will be looking for helpers to spread it around every new tree.

The PAC and PAC Committees are working hard from home to keep the school running with parent support and initiatives. The next meeting, June 15th, will determine the budget for 2020-2021 as well as allocate any funds remaining from 2019-2020 year. Please consider participating.

The school supply information is below for 2020-2021. The yearbook proof is amazing- please consider ordering one for your family at the link below.

Thank you again for all that you do for your children and their education.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Roberts

Last Week of June Schedule


  • AL On Site Attendance- Last Day including report card & yearbook handed out
  • AL - Remote Learners- Last Day including report card & yearbook pick up


  • MZ On Site Attendance - Last Day including report card & yearbook handed out
  • Grade 5 Leaving Ceremony on Teams 1-2pm


  • MZ Remote Learners- Last Day including report card & yearbook pick up


  • Administrative Day- No students at school

Soon to be scheduled

  • Grade 5 Mine Craft Leaving Ceremony Event
  • Grade 5 Formal Farewell Appointments
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FAQs June Partial Attendance

1. Are schools safe?

  • Yes. Schools are highly regulated environments. The schools have been set up to follow Stage 3 Health & Safety Guidelines issued by the authorities at WorkSafe BC, BC Centre for Disease Control , BC Ministry of Education, BC Ministry of Health.

2. What will be different at school in June?

  • In order to follow the Health and Safety requirements many things will be different at school in June resulting in a different school experience for children. Some examples are: parents do not enter the school, furniture is arranged differently, classroom routines are different, classroom materials are individual per student, school activities are different or limited.

3. What physical distancing measures will be in place at school?

  • Physical distancing is 2 meters or 6 feet. Adults must keep 2 m apart from other adults and children whenever possible. At school the Staff will follow these guidelines and we will model them for students and teach students to follow them.
  • In the case of our youngest students, it may be difficult for them to fully understand physical distancing but we will still be trying our best to teach them to remain 2m apart and we will plan activities and prepare work stations that situate them 2m apart. In the event that we are not able to fully enforce 2m physical distancing we will coach students to not engage in physical contact.
  • We anticipate that this information will be new to our students who have been safe at home with family during the pandemic. We plan to use visuals such as staff holding pool noodles as well as stickers on the floor to show them the 2 m distance.
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