Forced Marriage

Is forced marriage ever a good thing?


This is when either bride or groom (usually bride) are FORCED to marry a person without any choice of who it is.

Good or Bad?

I concluded that forced marriage is a bad thing because it takes away from women's rights. Sometimes when a female is forced into marriage the women are sometimes threatened to be killed by both families. Sometimes if the girls feel a lot of pressure they will kill themselves. Our leaders are making a law that will make forced marriage illegal. This blankly shows that our leaders don't like forced marriage. Although this is bad the ONLY time this is okay is when it is for the good of the bride AND groom.

Background Information

  1. Sometimes the bride and/or the groom are threatened to be killed.
  2. Sometimes forced marriages happen for religious purposes.
  3. In some cultures it is expected for a daughter to be married by the age of 15.
  4. A lot of times rape is included in a forced marriage.
  5. Usually spiritual marriages don't leave trails.


  1. Religion
  2. Spiritual Causes
  3. Some Families don't know what to do with a 16 year old in the house.
  4. Families don't want to take blame for some girl's actions.
  5. Governments don't have fighting forces for Forced Marriages.
  6. To strengthen family names or a military.


  1. Preventing change of religion
  2. Strengthens military might
  3. Prevents women from being raped
  4. This causes India to have 23 million child brides.
  5. Leaders focus goes to making laws that prevent forced marriage and not on other causes.

India's Forced Marriage Problem

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Do 15-19 year old males and females think it is okay for for a husband to hit his wife?

This shows that a lot of girls out there are brainwashed into thinking that they are in minority.

Lina's Story

Lina was raised as an american average girl. She played sports and went to parties, but had and Arab ethnicity. One day she was told that hey grandmother was very ill and her family had to travel back to Yemen. When she got there she was told that she was going to marry by her father despite her objections. Lina wasn't able to leave the house for longer than 10 minutes and she had to be watched at all times. She emailed the U.S. Embassy but they said they couldn't do anything about something that's not illegal. When it came to the wedding she couldn't do anything after hearing a comment by her family, "The cost of a bullet is less than a dollar." Meaning that her life was less than a dollar. Also that they were threatening to kill her.


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