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February 2017

Grade Level Updates

Click on the links below for updates on some of the exciting things happening in our grade level classrooms!

First Grade Update

Second Grade Update

Third Grade Update

Fourth Grade Update

Fifth Grade Update

Mrs. Sanders & Mrs. Warrington Update

Gifted & Talented Update

Read Across America Week

Next week, Wedgwood School will celebrate Read Across America Week! Our exciting schoolwide activities celebrating literacy for readers of all ages begin on Monday:

  • Monday, February 27: Cat in the Hat Day - Wear stripes!
  • Tuesday, February 28: Read My Shirt Day - Wear a shirt with appropriate words to school!
  • Wednesday, March 1: Wacky Wednesday - Wear your clothes backwards, inside out or mismatched!
  • Thursday, March 2: Pajama Day - Cozy up with a book! All students schoolwide will read from 3:00-3:15!
  • Friday, March 3: Crazy Hair Day - Bring your wackiest hairstyle!

On Thursday, February 16, Wedgwood kicked off our focus on literacy for Read Across America Week with an exciting visit from The Cat In The Hat! Students in grades 1-3 were treated to an assembly in which Wedgwood Library Media Specialist Mrs. Dabrowski read a Dr. Seuss book for all, and Art Teacher Mr. Wolf presented student winners of their letter decorating contest. The Cat interacted with staff and students alike, getting everyone excited about all of the exciting events planned for next week. Wedgwood Music Teacher Mrs. DiGianivittorio helped bid The Cat farewell by leading the students in a song dedicated to Dr. Seuss. Below are some pictures of the fun we had:

State Testing Infrastructure Trial: March 9

We are diligently preparing for this year’s state testing Infrastructure Trial which will take place on March 9 for our students in Grades 3-5. The purpose of the trial is to test our technology infrastructure and familiarize the students with the testing environment and online tools. Each grade level will work within a time frame of 60 minutes to practice logging on, completing a few practice questions and using online tools. Student data is not collected from this trial and students log on as unknown users.

Mr. Renzi Selected as Washington Township's District Teacher Of The Year

Congratulations to Wedgwood's basic skills math teacher Mr. Domenick Renzi, who has been selected as Washington Township Public Schools' District Teacher of the Year for 2016-2017! This honor makes Mr. Renzi eligible for consideration in the Gloucester County Teacher of the Year program. As reported in the December issue of The Monthly Mustang, Mr. Renzi was selected as the 2016-2017 Wedgwood's Teacher of the Year. You can read more about Mr. Renzi's district-level award here.

Wedgwood Brings Home Trophy For Most Hoagie Pre-Orders

Wedgwood is proud to be recognized as the elementary school with the top pre-order sales in our district's 22nd Annual Helping Hands Hoagie Sale on Sunday, February 5, 2017. Wedgwood contributed to the sale of approximately 5,000 hoagies across the district, helping to raise $50,000 to distribute to local families facing medical setbacks. The hoagie sale is sponsored by the Changing Our World (COW) Project, WTHS Students in Action and the District’s three middle school Future Acts clubs. Way to rise up, Wedgwood!
Big image
The trophy awarded to the top-selling school, commonly referred to as the 'Gabagool Goblet', will be on display in the Wedgwood Main Office through September.

Wedgwood Welcomes Ms. Toton!

Wedgwood is thrilled to welcome Ms. Melissa Toton as our new 3rd Grade teacher in Room 21! Ms. Toton replaces Mrs. Lisa Petsch, who retired after years of service at Wedgwood School. Ms. Toton brings a high level of energy and expertise to the classroom. She is currently in her fourth year as an elementary teacher, having previously taught in Winslow Township Schools. Ms. Toton holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Child Studies from Montclair State University, and is certified as an Elementary Education teacher with a subject matter specialization in the area of Language Arts/Literacy.

In addition, Ms. Toton is no stranger to Wedgwood, having attended our school as a student. Her firsthand understanding of our school community and expertise in the areas of curriculum and instruction will be a wonderful addition to our Wedgwood family. Welcome, Ms. Toton!

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Important Reminder For Parents/Guardians

On those days when you are picking up your child before the end of the school day or making a change in his/her afternoon transportation, please copy our main office secretary Mrs. Mastripolito so that we can work to make sure that your child's needs are met. Mrs. Mastripolito can be reached at

Wedgwood Library: Media Mustangs Update

Hello, Media Mustangs! Wedgwood students visit the library once each week to exchange books, use technology, learn a variety of library skills, and develop an appreciation of different types of literature. Lately, classes have been separated into small groups to explore different centers. The centers provide a variety of hands-on learning activities that align with the library curriculum and the Common Core. Our Read & Ride center is a fun place for students to read their books as they pedal. Students can also read with a reading buddy in our tent, or bop on a “blueberry” as they search for books on the computer. Ask your child about his/her favorite Library Learning Center! Check out some of what students in each grade have learned so far:

  • Grade 1: library organization, book care, parts of a book, author and illustrator, fiction and nonfiction, and working together
  • Grade 2: just-right books, different types of books, library organization, ABC order, story elements, Shelf Reader Dance, and working together
  • Grade 3: Everyone and Fiction call numbers, library organization, Destiny Quest, holidays, biographies, and working together
  • Grade 4: library organization, writing call numbers, holidays, Dewey Decimal, Destiny Quest, folktales, biographies, and working together
  • Grade 5: Destiny Quest, library order, evaluating websites, RADCAB, folktales, biographies, and working together

Please check out the Wedgwood Library website for more information and for quick links to many great resources, including Destiny Quest (the library’s online catalog) and our online subscriptions. Students received a pamphlet in the beginning of the school year with login details. If you would like the usernames and passwords emailed to you, that’s no problem! Email our Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Dabrowski, at We have also just recently acquired Britannica School, an excellent resource for students to find reliable information for research. The username is wtps and the password is wtps. Thank you for your support at home!

Counselor's Corner: Helping Your Child Build Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is defined as how well a person values himself or herself. Our students have learned that how we feel about ourselves affects our relationships, our ability to learn, and ultimately, our futures.

Self-esteem comes from feeling loved, secure and developing competence. As parents, we shower our children with love and a sense of security.

Here are some suggestions to help your child increase his/her sense of self-esteem:

  • Allow your child to try and to also fail. He or she will begin to develop a sense of his/her talents and capabilities.
  • Let your child take healthy risks.
  • Allow your child to make his/her own choices.
  • Let your child help around the house. This will allow him/her to demonstrate independence and competence.
  • Children should be encouraged to fully pursue their interests. As they complete tasks they will have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Offer appropriate praise- when it is appropriate and earned, it has value.
  • Let your child know that your love is unconditional. Children need to know that even when they fail or make bad decisions, they are loved.

Notes From The Nurse

We are halfway through the year and have been fortunate to have had a winter with not too many illnesses to report. I will still remind parents to please remember if your child is showing signs of illness, especially running a fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting, please keep them home. They should be fever-free without medication and without the symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school. This will keep the rate of illness down within the school setting, thus preventing the spread of infection. Also, remember to remind your children that good hand washing is the best defense against the spread of infection. There are steps you can take in your daily life to help protect you from getting the flu:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
  • Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Practice good health habits. Get plenty of sleep and exercise, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat healthy food.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
  • If you are sick with a flu-like illness, stay home for at least 24 hours. Return after your fever is gone without the use of fever-reducing medicine.

As stated above, key defenses against illness are keeping a good diet, getting plenty of exercise and rest. Now is the time to teach your children good eating habits. It is important to add more fruits and vegetables in their diets rather than sugary, high caloric foods/snacks.

We are currently finishing up our yearly screenings. We are in the process of completing the screening for second grade and will finish with the first grade by the end of the month. The students have been very cooperative. I enjoy this time because I am getting the opportunity to put faces to names. Remember, if your child has been referred for any reason, as a result of their screening, please let the health office know the outcome of the follow-up. Also remember to let the health office know of any changes in your child’s medical status that may occur throughout the year, i.e. newly diagnosed illnesses, allergies, glasses, injuries. Remember if your child does have an injury at home that requires school restriction or they have a cast or a brace, they should return to school with a doctor’s note stating injury and restrictions. They will also need a note to return to activities. Scoliosis screening for grade five will take place sometime in March/April. Information will be sent home with your child.

We are currently in the process of hosting Rutgers’ Cooperative Extension Grow Healthy School Wellness Program to our second grade classes. Last month they learned about MyPlate for Kids. This month, the topic is “Guess with Gusto." In March, the students will learn to “Build a Better Smoothie, and finally in April, the topic will be “Pick a Food”. This is a great opportunity to bring nutrition classes into the school. The students seem to be very receptive to this program. Other programs we will have later this year are the JDRF Walk to cure Diabetes, Wedgwood night at the Soul Arena Football game, and a visit from Sambulance for Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Warrington’s classes. These are all initiatives to adhere to our School Wellness policy.

Just another reminder regarding the lost and found: the articles of clothing and accessories are piling up again. If your child is missing any articles, please come in and check the lost and found located in the attendance office outside the health office. I cannot stress enough how important it is to label your child’s belongings so that if they are misplaced they can be returned. A lost and found table is set out twice per year during conference time to make it easier to identify any missed belongings. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. - Mrs. Sernicola, Wedgwood School Nurse

Wedgwood PTO Update

Pajama Candy Bar Bingo

Mark your calendars now! The Wedgwood PTO will sponsor a Pajama Candy Bar Bingo event on Friday, March 24, in the Wedgwood All Purpose Room. Come dressed in your favorite pajamas or craziest hat. Random giveaways will take place throughout the night. There will be two sessions:

  • Session One: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Session Two: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

All children attending must bring a full size candy bar to gain admission, and must be accompanied by an adult. Reservation Forms were sent home with all students. You can find an electronic copy here. Tickets will be sent home to all families who submit a completed reservation form. Only one session per family.

The PTO is looking for volunteers for the Pajama Candy Bar Bingo event. If you're interesting in helping out, sign up here!

Box Tops

Continue to send in your Box Tops to benefit our school! The next deadline for our Box Tops collection is March 9. The winning classroom that collects the most will receive an extra period of phys. ed!

Chestnut Ridge Spiritwear

Fifth grade students can get their CRMS gear early thanks to the current Chestnut Ridge Spiritwear Sale! The deadline for online orders is February 28. Order online here.

Gertrude Hawk

Our Gertrude Hawk fundraiser sale will begin on Monday, March 6. The sale will last for two weeks and delivery will occur the week of April 3.

Fifth Grade Activities

Fifth Grade Families: As we get closer to our end-of-the-year Fifth Grade Activities, please keep your eyes peeled for a letter requesting a $10 contribution to defer the costs of fifth grade activities.

Get Involved

The Wedgwood PTO is always looking for volunteers to help support our school. Parents can get involved by printing and completing the following forms, and returning them to your child's teacher:

PTO Meeting Dates (all meetings take place at Wedgwood School)

  • Wednesday, March 22 - 9:30 AM
  • Wednesday, April 26 - 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, May 31- 9:30 AM

Contact The PTO

PTO voicemail: 856-227-8110, ext. 3644 – Please leave a message for any comments, concerns with Lifetouch, Fundraising, Junior Achievement, etc.

PTO email:

Get Connected with Wedgwood On Social Media

Do you want to know about all of the latest events and activities happening in our school? Our school now has official Facebook and Twitter pages to help you do just that! Both pages will feature nearly identical content.

If you're on Facebook, go to and "Like" the page.

If you're on Twitter, go to and follow us.

The Mother's Cupboard

The Mother's Cupboard is open to anyone in need who lives in Washington Township. The Cupboard provides essentials including canned goods, meats, snacks, juice, baby food, and toiletries. Patrons should bring some sort of ID, such as bill with name and address, license, etc. The Mother's Cupboard is located at 523 Egg Harbor Road, in Sewell, and is open every Thursday morning from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, and the evening of every fourth Thursday of the month from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Call (856) 589-0540, ext. 254 for more information.

Dates At A Glance: February-March 2017

February 27-March 3 - Read Across America Week. Schedule of events listed above.

March 1 - 3rd Marking Period Progress Reports

March 7 - TWP Tuesday

March 9 - State Testing Infrastructure Trial - Grades 3-5

March 13 - Fifth Grade - CRMS School Counselor Visit

March 14 - CRMS Grade 5 Parent Orientation - 7:00 PM at CRMS

March 21 - TWP Tuesday

March 22 - Wedgwood PTO Meeting - 9:30 AM

March 31 - End of Marking 3rd Period

Wedgwood School Day Times - 2016-2017

9:25 AM - Students Report

2:05 AM - Early Dismissal Time (as published here on the WTPS District Calendar)

3:45 PM - Regular Dismissal Time

Be sure to call (856) 227-8112 between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM to report your child's absence and request make-up work.