And How He Changed The World

How Aristotle started out

Aristotle started out as a young boy born in Stargira in the north of Greece, son of Nichomachus. Aristotle was trained first in mediciene, and then he was sent to Athens to study philosophy with Plato. He stayed at Platos academy until around 347. After leaving Athens, Aristotle spent some time travelling, and possibly studying biology.

Did you know?

Aristotle did actually teach Alexander The Great! He taught him at his very own school, the Lyceum. Alexanders father Philip had chosen Aristotle not only for schooling reasons. Aristotle had a family connection to Alexanders!

How did Aristotle change the world?

Aristotle made signifigant and lasting contrubutions to nearly every part of human knowledge, from logic to biology to ethics. Aristotle's surviving writings were incredibly influential.

What type of science did Aristotle study?

Aristotle studied biology, and classified animals into groups that either had red blood and those that did not. Animals with red blood were mostly vertabraes while the animals that didnt have red blood were labeled cephalopods.

Was Aristotle actually a Scientist?

Aristotle was not technically a scientist by todays standards. Although he did motivate huge amounts of people to study biology and ethics. He turned the world of science upside down of his time, and its paved the way for our science today.

Challenges of Aristotle

Aristotle disagreed with Plato on many theories. Plato believed that a whole other dimension existed, where truth, love, and beauty existed. Plato Believed that what we call reality, was actually less real than this "dimension". Aristotle completely disagreed, and said it would be impossible to prove. And that there was only one Dimension. And that there was truth, love, and beauty here, and it was going to stay here.

Fun Facts About Aristotle

Aristotle was told to be one of the smartest people to ever walk this Earth.
The genuis was born in 384 B.C, in Stageria. He belonged to a Noble family, and his father was a doctor. He married Pythias and adopted a daughter of Hermias. He had a son named Nichomacus who died in battle still a young boy. Aristotles father was also called Nichomacus!