Figurative Language



Definition-comparing two things using like or as

Ex:John is as slow as a snail.


Definition-A word or phrase is applied in an object or action that does not have a literal applicable.

Ex:Mark has fallen through the a trapdoor of depression.


Definition-Giving human capabilities to non human objects.

Ex:The leaves danced across the street.


Definition-A word or phase with the same sound.

Ex: She sold seashells at the seashore.


Definition-A extreme exaggeration.

Ex: You told me that story a million times.

The greatest baseball games ever

It was the first game of the season and it was as hot as a sauna(Simile).I watched the pitcher and know that it would be a piece of cake to hit off him(Idiom).Once I got in the batters box The pitch came in and it danced in the sky(Personification).I felt like a million years till the ball hit the ground(Hyperbole).The next batter hit a base hit to give him a walk off hit(Metaphor).