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Our photos are carefully chosen and photo shopped until it's best ability! We have spent the past 4 lessons editing and learning different skills. we make our photos different for the better to make them therefore stand out. look below for the photos. I used many colours and also effects to change and improve them for a higher level!

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Flower 2

I have yet again used a duplicate layer to create a black and white picture, to therefore use the rubber tool to create a pink rose with no other colour. I did this because it stands out really well and also looks really good. I tried to aim for a level six with this piece of work.


On this picture, I created a duplicate layer to start off with and then I continued to edit it. I zoomed in a lot into the duplicate layer (layer 2) and therefore continued to edit it. This meant I could do anything to it; so therefore I used a tool and drew around her face, and this then made everything outside this circle foggy. As you can see her face is very clear and edited. This is because I have used various tools and types of edits to create a look that is shown above in the picture. It makes her skin look clear and smooth. i have aimed for a higher level using different skills.