2Hu News

February 2016

Polar Animal Projects

A diorama showing a lemming's habitat below ground, a mobile displaying pictures and facts about beluga whales, and a poster containing photos and facts about polar bears. What do all of these things have in common? These and other amazing polar animal projects filled our room for a very special night. They were all on display for Open House, February 11, 2016.

During the day on Thursday, February 11, the students were able to present their projects to Mrs. Fechner's kindergarten class. It was interesting to hear each student talk about their project and answer questions the kindergarteners had. They truly were experts on their polar animal. I saw lots of smiles and proud faces.

As I walked around the classroom, I was so impressed looking at all the hard work I know went into each project. I am always amazed that every student is given the same instruction sheet, but each project looks different. I love to see their creativity shine!

Learning about Famous Americans

We have been busy reading about famous Americans in our reading groups. We started off reading a biography about George Washington Carver. Did you know he found over 300 uses for the peanut? He was an amazing man!

After reading about George Washington Carver, we decided to study another famous George, George Washington. We spent a week reading and discussing all of his many accomplishments. Did you know he didn't even want to be president? After reading about both of these famous Americans, we took time to compare and contrast their lives. This was very interesting!

Finally, we have been reading about Abraham Lincoln for the past couple of weeks. The students really seem to enjoy reading about his amazing life. In fact, I think we even had a few tears shed when they read about his death. It is great to see them invested in their reading and history!

Continuing with the biography genre, we will begin reading about Harriet Tubman starting next week. She was a great woman that many of the students are unfamiliar with. It will be interesting to hear their thoughts about her life.

Beginning a New Math Module

I am excited to report we will be starting a new math module. YEAH! The next math module we will be starting is Module 7: Problem Solving with Length, Money, and Data. This is a very fun and hands-on module. The students will be working with graphs, rulers, and money. I know we have worked with rulers before, but this time we will be focusing more on inches than centimeters.

The students will experience more engaging and interactive activities with this math module. Don't be surprised if they come home singing a money song! As always, if you have any questions please let me know.