April 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our April 2021 Sussex Tech Adult Division Newsletter!

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April 2nd through 9th: - Spring Break *Note Saturday classes are held April 10

April 27th & 28th: - Spring progress reports are due.

May 22nd: Last Saturday Class held in CTC

May 26th & 27th: Last Class (M/W & T/R Classes)

May 26th & 27th: Grade due for Spring #2 (Groves Classes)

May 31st: Memorial Day; School Closed (All Sites)

James H. Groves Adult Education Program

Sussex Tech Adult Education Orientation

Graduation 2020 and 2021 Coming Soon!

Picture yourself as a James H. Groves Graduate. Please call us today and inquire about enrolling in our Diploma program or our GED® program. Please call 302-856-9035 for information on enrolling in our James H. Groves diploma program or our GED® program.

CEA3 Program for James H. Groves HS completion!

What is the CEA3 process all about? It’s about exploration, reflection, learning new skills, perseverance, and opportunity. Hannah Sheer comments, “I find that work which the CEA 3 process requires is quite similar to Comp B except for the fact that you're working towards getting your paper approved by the state.” Students put their critical thinking skills to the test by surveying topics of interest, researching, and then writing about their viewpoint on the subject. Topics range from physical and earth sciences to civics and history. Students can explore new technology like 3-D bioprinting or solar technology, educate themselves on current issues like the impact of global warming or voter registration laws, or gain perspective on topics like raising the minimum wage or legalizing assisted suicide. Students, like Amanda Buell and Meagan Butler, have admitted to sometimes feeling frustrated by the needed organization and time commitment and wanted to quit, but are so glad they followed through because the sense of accomplishment and the 10 credits was well worth the effort. Meagan told her teacher, “Thank you for not letting me give up,” and Amanda, as a result of what she learned through the CEA3 process, changed her career plans to pursue a degree in the health field. Taionna Curtis wouldn’t let an emergency delivery and first-time motherhood stop her from meeting her goal of a passing paper; she wanted to be a role model for her newborn son. Needing less than 10 credits to graduate, Franklin Navarro thought the CEA3 process may not be for him. However, when thinking of the bullying he received in high school because he was just learning English, the thought of writing a research paper to be validated by the state was the sweetest retribution to come to mind. Not only can the CEA3 process offer the shortest route to graduation, but it also can serve as an example of determination for your children, widen your career goals, and offer personal satisfaction.

Beth Newman CEA3 instructor.

Groves Spotlight

Hayley Talbot is a former intern in the Groves Work Room within the Sussex Tech

Adult Division and a member of the Class of 2020 of the James H. Groves Adult High School.

Soon after completing graduation requirements, Hayley became our new OAASIS

Worker & Student Advocate. OAASIS is the Organization of Adult Alumni and Students

in Service.

During the summer of 2020, Hayley participated in OAASIS leadership and staff

development opportunities, including Zoom and Schoology training. Hayley represents

our program and students at statewide OAASIS events and meetings.

When our classes resumed in September, Hayley began reaching out to potential

graduates and returning students to assist them with our new online registration

process. During the school year, she has assisted students who have difficulty

adjusting to technology or have concerns with their class schedule. When Groves

Instructors have had difficulty reaching absent students, Hayley follows up with students

to assist in resolving their barriers for attending. She has become a very important part

of the Groves Work Room and is part of the weekly schedule to cover phones and complete assigned projects.

We are proud to have Hayley working with us and look forward to her continued role as

a positive role model for our students and graduates. Current or returning students and

Groves graduates with questions or concerns can contact Hayley at or 302-396-6746.

ABE/GED Student Spotlight: James Sturtevant

James Sturtevant is the first in the GED® spotlight. Talk about an interesting guy, who came from Essex, England and enrolled in ABE/GED classes in 2020, just about when the pandemic hit. Originally, he began his scholastic search by inquiring about the Electrical Tradesman program. He was told that it would make it easier on him to have a recognizable qualification and to enter the Sussex Tech Adult Ed Program and earn his GED®. That goal is quickly becoming a reality. In the GED® Program, he has completed his COA Writing and greatly improved his TABE scores, moving him closer to taking the official GED® tests. However, as if those accomplishments in the GED® class were not enough to keep him busy, James simultaneously finished his first year in the Electrical Technical Apprenticeship Program at Sussex Tech. He has plans to continue with the program for three more years to receive his Journeyman's License, which requires 8,000 working hours. One would say he has his work cut out for him!

Along with his Electrical Apprenticeship Program, working Monday through Friday and attending his GED® classes, James and his wife have recently purchased a home, finished the renovations and will soon list it as an Air B&B for additional income. To say his other interests is traveling would be an understatement. He has been to nearly every country in southeast Asia and enjoys meeting different people and learning their cuisines and cultures. On the local scale, James enjoys fishing and walking his two dogs on the Delaware beaches.

Although this school year is winding down, this GED® student will stay in the spotlight. In a short time, I may require electrical services, and I will know exactly who to call!!

Best of luck for a bright future to James Sturtevant!

​ Donna Lee Cress

ABE/GED Instructor

Sussex Tech Adult Division

ABE/ESL Student Spotlight: Mirna Soto Escalante

Mirna Soto Escalante enrolled in ABE/ESL classes in 2019.

Her primary goal was to help her four boys with homework.

Mirna’s children are the source of her motivation.

She is continuing her education because she wants her children to be proud of her. She wants them to see the value of getting an education and how important education is for success.

Since her enrollment with our program. Mirna has made great strides and level gains.

She entered English as a Second Language class (ESL)and moved quickly to Adult Basic

Education classes (ABE). In the words of her teacher. “Mirna is positive, friendly, motivating,

and encouraging during class.” We are lucky to have Mirna in our program.

In her spare time, (did we mention, she has four boys) Mirna attends an online

cosmetology class with students from all over the world. Mirna’s future goals are to complete her high school diploma and enter cosmetology courses in the United States. Mirna’s future is bright.

Adult Basic Education classes are quickly winding down for the year. While this year’s

enrollment was lower than previous years due to Covid 19, it has not affected the programs

purpose: provide quality classes in English as a Second language, digital literacy, civics, financial literacy, math, and reading.

To enroll in Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language courses visit: to register or call the office 302-856-9035 Student registrations for Fall 2021/2022 will be held in August. Let us help make your future bright too.

Kim Banks

ESL/ABE/GED Coordinator

Sussex Tech Adult Ed

Family Literacy

One thing you may not know about the Family Literacy Program is that monthly families participate in a component of the program entitled PACT Night. PACT stands for Parents and Children Together. Due to Covid restrictions this year, we had to get a little creative. A staff member visits each adult classroom and reviews the “goodies” in the take home bag with the adults, so they know what to expect and are able to do the activities with their children. The book being sent home with the family is also read to the adults and we discuss questions the parents can ask their children. We also model the activities with them and give them an opportunity to do the activities to ensure understanding and participation.

In January, the theme was SNOW. Each bag was packed with a book, Snow, as well as donuts to build a snowman! Some of the activities for the families to do at home included: Snowflake sight word BINGO, Penguin math facts match, Snow Many Related Facts booklet, a bookmark to color and decorate, and lastly, a Snowman ruler to create using peel and stick numbers and snowman hat and scarf. The kids were SUPER excited to get a bag at the end of the evening to take home! PACT night is always a hit at the Family Literacy Program.

Stay tuned for other components of our program and upcoming events!

Family Literacy is held at the Seaford Central Elem school on M and W evenings.

To Enroll for Fall 2021 call 302-629-4587 ext 4220. Classes are Free!

Alison Tingle

Family Literacy Coordinator

Spanish GED Program

Israel was enrolled and completed our Spanish GED® program here at Sussex Tech. He has earned his GED® in a little over 1 year during a pandemic and that is quite an accomplishment. Israel’s story is one of perseverance and hard work. He immigrated to the United States from Mexico 30 years ago in 1989, when he was 17 years old. When Israel came to the United States, he had not finished his high school work in Mexico and never enrolled in high school in the US because he decided to start working right away. He has worked extremely hard ever since in many occupations, some of them were washing trucks, welding, working on cars, and drywall in construction. Since being in the United States Israel has married and has children and grandchildren. His children kept encouraging him to go back to school to finish his education, but he just felt the time was never right. One day his wife came home and said she was in a program at Sussex Tech to work on earning her GED®. She encouraged him to enroll. Israel had to take a placement test and upon seeing his high score in Math on the entry test, he was encouraged to start classes and begin working towards earning his GED®. His class was taught in English and most of the work is in English, so Israel had to work hard to learn the vocabulary needed to work on his Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. Speaking in English in the class was important which helped him in his workday too. It took a little over 1 year for Israel to earn his GED® and he plans on enrolling in the electrician’s apprenticeship program at Sussex Tech in the fall. When asked how this program has helped him the most he replied, “it reminded me that I’m a good student and it will help me move into a new career. It has also helped me to show my children and grandchildren that I could do this, and they can too!”

Check out our website to enroll!

Donna M Smith


Sussex Tech Adult High School

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Health Professions - Melissa Owens

Melissa Owens Persistent and Proactive Student

Melissa Owens enrolled in the Billing & Coding Program in the Fall of 2019. By Spring of 2020 the whole teaching dynamic changed due to COVID. By July Melissa we started communicating about the Program, her progress and when Externships would take place. At that time, we did not have a good answer for Melissa regarding Externships. Melissa, being the persistent, proactive student she forwarded us all of the applicable documents so she was “Externship Ready”. Finally, we secured a December start date with Atlantic General Hospital only to be told in late November that due to COVID, all Externships were on hold. What to do now? Melissa had already scheduled time of and was ready for Externship. We were able to secure another site, Beebe Billing Office. Beebe has an extensive Externship requirement process. This became an eleventh hour debacle; will Melissa really participate in Externship? As we said, Melissa was determined and persevered to make Externship happen!! And she did. Melissa sat for her NHA exam in January 2021 and aced the exam!! Her hard work and diligence paid of. She just landed a job with Beebe Business Services in Lewes, DE.

Good For You Melissa!

Michelle Lynch

Allied Health Professions Coordinator

Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Clinicals Have Finally Started!!

One really has to work with the CNA Program to understand the frustration COVID has caused with staff and students. When, when, when will we participate in Clinicals?....that has been the question since July of 2020 from all of our CNA students. Not only were sites closed, but staffing was an issue. Finally, we secured a site and AN INSTRUCTOR...Babette Pennay joined the Sussex Tech team in January and started clinical rotations with our students in March. Babette was excited to be a part of the teaching experience and more than willing to accommodate our needs. Our first group of students finished clinicals on March

eleventh and nothing but compliments were directed from the instructor to students, students to instructor not to mention compliments from the site towards our students.

A BIG Thank You to Babette! And Great Job students!

Anyone interested in the CNA program can call 863.1492 or 853.1560 to schedule a pre- test. Our classes fill quickly, and we have two day classes (April 12th /May 24th ) left for Winter/Spring class session.

Go to Website for more information: and click on Health Professions and Register today!

Michelle Lynch

Allied Health Professions Coordinator

Apprenticeship and Workforce Training

Apprenticeship classes and most CARES Act classes are finishing up this week. We would like to say thank you to our staff for an awesome year in Apprenticeship and well done on the monumental task of enrolling and seeing our Apprenticeship & CARES students through training, all under a COVID environment! We overcame the obstacles that COVID threw our way, and our staff & programs have benefitted as well. We are starting two new programs this month. We plan to have another welding class and an ELL constructions trades class start on April 5th. The classes are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 5-9pm. Classes will finish up on May 12th with our students gaining a certificate, OSHA credentials and tools related to their trade. Our staff is gearing to help place our CARES students into meaningful careers in their perspective trades and/or enroll them into apprenticeship training so they can further their education. Obtaining employment in the welding industry can be difficult; Calvin Allen is a CARES welding student that studied and practiced the specific welding test skills needed to obtain a job in our local welding industry. Under the supervision of his instructor, and with months of practice Calvin passed his welding test to obtain employment at Crystal Steel! Congrats to him and his instructor!!!

Check out our website to enroll or call 856-9035 ext 6

Mike Hague

Sussex Tech Adult Ed

Industrial Training Coordinator

Driver Education

Kamden Hastings is a junior at Laurel High School. He enjoys football and playing with his dogs. Kamden took Driver Ed in high school at Laurel, but due to the pandemic and online classes, he did not pass. His grandmother heard about the Driver Ed program at Sussex Tech and enrolled him immediately. The Driver Ed class Kamden originally signed up for was to be in-person, but the Governor had just recommended the “pause” with in-school learning. That “pause” meant all in-person classes were to be held virtually. Once again, Kamden was facing online classes. Knowing what to expect this time, Kamden persevered through every obstacle in his way and passed the class. He says, he learned a lot in the class but, it would have been better if the class was face-to-face. Having met all the requirements to earn his Blue Slip, Kamden is now headed straight to DMV to pick up his Learners Permit. Kamden says,” although I will have to wait a year before I can drive alone, I knows I am well on my way to freedom. CONGRATULATIONS Kamden!

Registration for summer classes has started.

Contact us today to begin your journey.

Driver Education


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