2015 Hernandez Christmas

Hosted by the Contreras Family

Updates (as of 12/19/15)

Action items:

  • Keep an eye out for information on when we will be needing help decorating the hall. Tentative December 23rd
  • Please have at least two people per family to help with the clean up of the hall.
  • Still need a few more dozen tamales and side items.
  • Please contact Molly by Monday December 21, 2015 if you and/or your family will be performing.
  • Wear your family themed ugly sweaters

Hernandez Christmas

Friday, Dec. 25th, 2pm

420 Telephone Road

Houston, TX

This year the Hernandez gathering will be at the Knights of Columbus. We will have about 80-90 people coming this year. Please let us know if your plans (RSVP) changes.


-Please bring ONE present for your child

-Decorating the hall will be on December 23rd (evening) -Specifics will be sent at a later date.

-Please bring the serving spoons, utensils needed for your dish/beverage if needed.

Food- Confirmed:

  • Olivia and David Contreras- Cups (for hot and cold), small and big Paper Plates, plasticware and table covers, napkins.
  • Jessica & Christopher Contreras- Candy bags for kids
  • Gina- Bottled Water
  • Bri & Mike- Mashed Potatoes
  • Mary Zuniga - Ham
  • Jovita Alcocer- Ham, Stuffed Rolls, Sweet Tea
  • Lucy Hernandez- Homemade Cookies
  • Maria Garcia- Cake
  • Marco- 3 dozen tamales
  • Molly-3 dozen tamales
  • Aunt Linda- bottled water and 3 dozen chicken tamales (rice/beans maybe)
  • Aunt Momo- 3 dozen tamales
  • Amanda-kids drinks
  • Joseph- drinks
  • Aunt Loli- Salad and fixins
  • Michelle Alcocer- 2- bottled water
  • Chayo-Brocolli and Rice Casserole
  • Cynthia- 2 green bean casseroles


Tamales (3 dozen)

Tamales (3 dozen)

Tamales (3 dozen)

Tamales (3 dozen)

Side Items (ie-mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, etc)

Beverages ie-(kids drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, Tea/Punch)

Game Contestants- Confirmed

Alcocer Family -Cindy, Michelle, Vicky, Allen

Loera's- Gina, Stephanie or Josh, Vanessa or Randy, Karina or Joey


2:00pm Start Time

3:00pm Prayer

4:00pm Entertainment

After Entertainment Santa will be making his appearance


Contreras Committee

"Founders" Olivia and David Contreras

President - Mike "Miguelito" Contreras

Vice-President - Chris "Chrissypoo" Contreras

Decorations- Brizzna "Bri" Contreras

Secretary- Jessica "Regina" Contreras

Entertainment- Melissa "Molly" Contreras