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HI I'm Josh and I'm here with Ryan. Now Ryan what is rec time? It's two whole hours of playing cool games. What might those cool games be? Well there is newcomb. Whats newcomb for all the viewers who don't know. Well theirs a net that you have to throw a ball over to the other team. If the ball hits the ground who ever is closest to the ball is out. Ok thank you Ryan. Looks like Ryan is plying newcomb right now with his friends. If newcomb isn't your thing send us a pictrue of diffrent fun games. Now lets head to Bobert the-rich
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The Expidition Of Rocks

Thank you Josh. I'm Bobert the-rich here and I have been on the Sky Ranch expedition. In the expedition, Eric thought that rocks were living things, but everyone else thought different. We pointed out that rocks don't have hearts and rocks don't grow. But Carson the-bob said that the rocks actually shrink smaller, so i interviewed him. He said that rocks are non-living and the differants between living and non-living is that living is real things that grow and have a heart. But living are free to do stuff when they grow. Once he finished Carson the-bob did the rain dance with group B and went to learn different. Their you go folks Sky Ranch is a learning place with a bit of humer. Bobert the-rich out. Linda in!!!
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Sky Ranch Info

This is information on Sky Ranch
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American Indians

I'm Lyda P. Lane, reporting from the Sky Ranch American Indians. I was walking through the forest when I heard the beat of a drum. I had no idea what was happening.
When I came to the Indian village, i immediatly wanted to know more about them. So I decided to participate in American Indians and tell about what I learned in the news.
Tools and weapons are things Native Americans use daily. Stone clubs (a tool) were all used in that time. many other tools and weapons were passed around like a deer antler, a knife, and more.
Archery was also common around Native Americans. Indians would would go out to hunt for food and bring it back for everyone to eat. I was having trouble aiming for the target. Imagine having to do that every day!

Need a place to rest? Would you like a Comanche tipi or a Caddo wigwam? Since the Comanches were nomads, or people who traveled to different homes often, lived in tipis. Caddis on the other hand, lived in homes that didn't move, or wigwams.

Indians are awesome! If you want to learn more, come to Sky ranch American Indians!

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Hi I am reporter Alsbrooks. Here at Sky Ranch ziplining is safe and fun. 5 people form OC Taylor have already gone down the zipline. Now its time to watch the next person. Madison Alsbrooks starts flying down the zipline faster than the speed of light. It looks like she is having a lot of fun. Ouch crash landing she hit those steps really really hard. Lets go see how much fun that was. She tells me that she loved it but not at first. I wonder why she did not like it at first . Oh she says that it was the slant. Well thats all for the Sky Ranch news see you tomorrow!
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