Appositive Phrases

By Trami Bl

Definition Bl

An appositive phrase is a noun that renames the other noun that is right besides it. They appositives can be short or long or medium. :p
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Examples Bl

-Zayden, Duke's black and grey cat, wont let go of my leg.

The noun "Zayden" is being renamed to "Duke's black and grey cat"

-Daniel's sundae, a gigantic mountain of ice cream, was eaten in 4 minutes.

-Kim's purse, a display of her wealth, was stained with paint because she wasnt careful

-The bookshelf, a modern piece of furniture, was moved into the house first

-Lincoln, my best friend, sneezed noodles when i told him a joke.

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Why Appositive phrases are useful or important... or both

Appositives can be easily overused. All it takes is one too many and the sentence can become to long, cluttered and confusing. Use them when they can add to the character of the noun and provide more interest to the sentence.
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