By: John Grisham


In the town of Messina, were football was everything, up in the Bleachers looking down at the field sat legendary Messina Spartans. After they entered the iron gates they came upon Rake Field. Named after the legendary coach Eddie Rake when he was fired. It was one windy day in October, when, the legendary quarterback, Neely Crenshaw looked down on Rake Field and it all came back to him.


The theme of the story Bleachers by John Grisham is forgiveness and understanding. For example, Neely Crenshaw has to learn to forgive Coach Eddie Rake. Further more, Neely Crenshaw had came back to Messina when Coach Rake was not well and he he walked around the town and came up to and went into the book store he discovered something that helped him understand Rake more than he ever has. For example, an old friend Nat explained to him that Rake wasn't always like he was out on the football field and suffered like anybody else after Scotty's death. Also that Rake was one of the few to not care about Nat being gay and treated him the same as any other straight person. This all shows the Theme of Bleachers by John Grisham, and how Rake wasn't so bad after all.
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Neely Crenshaw

Legendary Quarterback who led the Messina Spartans through undefeated seasons from 1980 to 1987. Ended up getting a full scholarship to 31 different schools. Crenshaw signed with Tech. Shortly thereafter in a game against A&M he had injured his knee ending his career in football. For Example, "The linebacker went for the knee as Neely stepped out of bounds,"(p26) "One of the announcers had the guts to call it a cheap shot."(p26)After that Neely had walked onto the field in a knee brace and with the number nineteen jersey. Neely had the heart to forgive and understand. For example, when Nat is telling him about Rake and how he loves books and goes to church and talks to Nat, even gave her the courage to open her own bookshop, he believes it because he understands that maybe Rake really wasn't what he made himself to be on the football field. This explains how Neely faced problems, and also a little bit about his personality.


Bleachers is a great story that if you get the chance to you should read. It is thrilling and will surprise you throughout the text. I liked the way the author had made him go to the field and talk to everybody so I could see some other players point of view of coach Eddie Rake. Also I like how towards the end they revealed things about Rake that definitely surprised me. Although I do feel that the author could have shortened the time spent in the bleachers. But for the most part I really enjoyed the book.