Dolphin Tales

2018-2019 School Year

Second Quarter Connections at Disney Elementary

Dolphin Tales is an end of the quarter e-newsletter for us to share some of the wonderful events that took place during the quarter. TEAM DISNEY believes that positive partnering with parents is truly the only way to make our team stronger.

Positive Partnering Tip:

Winter break means a well-deserved reprieve from homework and daily obligations. Your child looks at the calendar and imagines the joy of having no schedule for the whole winter school holiday but before you know it, the holidays will be over and it will be back to school again. To prepare for a successful second semester, don’t let school skills like reading, writing and math slide completely during winter vacation. Try these family-friendly activities to keep skills sharp:

Read for pleasure. Whether your child is in the mood for a holiday classic like The Night Before Christmas or the newest installment from their favorite series, winter break is the perfect time to be able to read for fun. Encourage relatives to give books as holiday gifts or gather around to read as a family.

Cook up an easy lesson. Invite your child into the kitchen to help you whip up a special dish. Nearly every culture has some special foods associated with the holiday season. Share something that you remember from your childhood or prepare a dish you’ve never tried. All of those half-tablespoon and quarter-cup measurements are great practice with fractions.

Write thank-you notes. Writing notes of appreciation to gift-givers teaches gratitude and helps polish writing and spelling skills.

Make the most of car rides. Turn the drive to or from holiday trips into an opportunity to practice letters and numbers. Look for license plates from different states, try to find the alphabet on the license plates, or count the number of red (or white or green) cars you see.

Have a family game night. Chances are many of your family’s favorite board and card games reinforce skills such as counting, reading and drawing. Gather the family to play games you usually don’t have time for on school nights.

Maintain reasonable bedtimes. With no school to get up for in the morning, it can be tempting to let kids become night owls. A few days before school starts up again, ease back into the regular bedtime schedule so your child can start the year bright-eyed

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SNAPSHOTS from Second Quarter

Character Counts

This school year, we have continued our character education program called "Character Counts." Our second Character Counts word was "generosity."

Mrs. Bennett, our school counselor, introduced the character word "generosity" during our morning announcements, and through her counselor lessons. Classroom teachers followed-up by incorporating the word into their reading or writing lessons, and our longtime community partner, Seminole Baptist Temple, helped host our Generosity Character Counts Assembly.

Please take time to watch the TEAM DISNEY "Generosity" video below.

Connect with Us

Dunk-it with Dr. Miller - Informal time for parents to come to Disney and visit with Dr. Miller about anything Disney related. Our next Dunk-it with Dr. Miller is scheduled for February 5, 2019, 8:20-8:50 a.m.