All About Me

Maninder Uppal


Hey, My name is Maninder Uppal and I am 15 year old. I was born on November 21st, 2000 in Orangeville, Ontario. I grew up in Brampton, Ontario and never actually moved since. Since I rarely ever moved in my life, present me doesn't like traveling very much. I have only traveled 3 times in my life, twice to India and once to Europe, and did not like any of the experiences. Even though I don't travel very often, I have been known to change schools very often. I don't like being away from home because that mean being away from my computer and wifi connection. The first school I went to was Larkspur Public school, then after 2 years I went to Hewson public school for 1 year, then I went to Khalsa community school for almost 6 years until I finally arrived in Louise Arbour Secondary school in Grade 10. My interests include playing video games such as Call of duty and Fallout. I am fond of technology in all aspects including computers, smartphones and cameras. Technology has always been a large part of my life and will hopefully continue to be so. Some other things you may want to know about me are I am a huge Netflix user, and my favourite show as of now is Daredevil. My favourite hobby in my past time is playing video games such as Fallout and I am very tech savvy. So yeah, that's all you need to know about me as of the moment!

My life line

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July 2014

This was my graduation day. From this day I graduated from Grade 8 and entered high school. I graduated from Khalsa community school, hence why I am wearing a turban. This was the day I said bye to most of my friends as they all went to separate schools across peel.

My Favorite Things

My Leadership Style

My leadership style that reflects me the most is leader as a consultant. I have this leadership style because I am most comfortable having everyone participate in the decision making as opposed to me making the executive decision. I also like to rely on each members expertise and opinions so I can administer the most appropriate decisions. I also like to actively participate with my team throughout the task as opposed to simply telling my team what to do. One example of when I exercised this style of leadership was when I was chosen as the leader of my science fair group in grade 7. When I made any decisions on what we would do for the science fair, all the potential decisions were voted upon by our group of 5 and only made final is the vote was at least 3/5. I also had to rely on the opinions and expertise of my group members to insure our project was completed with 100% effort and cooperation.

My Influences

My close fiend

My close friend is a huge influence to me and how I live my life today. For privacy reasons I will not disclose his name. He is a very good student and always completes his work. He is one of the reasons why I have such high ambitions to succeed in my studies. Back when I was getting bad grades and did not care about school he helped me pass. He then proceeded to show me how to make school and studying in general less boring so I could achieve high marks without his intervention. He impactedme both externally and internally. Internally he helped me achieve higher marks by encouraging me to keep trying. He impacted me externally also as he got me more involved in sports which helped me become more physically active. All in all I believe that my close friends was a huge influence for me.


I also consider Eminem to be a huge influence to me also. He demonstrated that any hardship can be overcome if you put enough effort to overcome it. He helped me through multiple stages in my life such as when my hamster died, or when I was feeling sad after a long day at school. Internally he helped me morally and psychological and basically helped shaped both my moral struture and my psychological structure. He was also the reason I studied English so heavily and why my vocabulary is so vast. Externally his music helps me concentrate while at the gym. I can't listen to very many artists while at the gym because I find it distracting, but his music is the perfect mix of motivation and music. All in all I find his character to be extremely influential to that of my own.

My Role Model

My main role model in my life, whom guides me morally and psychologically through hardships is my dad, Harjit Uppal. He is important to me and my character because his accomplishments and success in life fuel my need to strive and become someone whom can pursue his career without obstacle. My dad went to Punjab University in Chandigarh and completed his BA in sciences. He then went and got his piloting license after some years and began flying private planes for a few years before he finally came to Canada, took another course in Humber college regarding fixing electrical problems such as A/C and heaters . He is my role model because he taught me that working hard and pursuing what you are interested in will ultimately be the best reward when I become older. He convinces me to keep studying and working hard so I too can have the dream of pursuing my preferred career.

My Future

The career path I would most like to follow is the line of medicine and health. My first choice for a career is to become a doctor and perhaps even become a specialist, more specifically a neurosurgeon. My second choice for a career is to become either a chemical engineer or a chemist. My third choice for a career is to become a veterinarian. For all 3 of my preferred career choices I want to attend a good university. Also for all 3 I will need to complete a Bachelor of Science. I have not layed out a future plan past getting a Bachelor of Science because I want my performance during those years to dictate which career I want to pursue

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles Test - Kinesthetic-Auditory

The quiz questions were very specific and detailed. They weren't based on a single topic, and instead were covering a wide array of topics and outcomes. The quiz results seem to be very accurate because I do learn mainly with touching, listening, hearing and doing. As opposed to other options. I do agree with these results.

Personality Test- ENTP

The questions in this quiz were very tedious to do and seemed to be very repetitive and simply asked me the same questions in different words. The results were considerably accurate because I am very interested in debating on topics I am passionate for. I do believe the results were accurate, despite the repetitive and useless questions

Interests Test - The Counsellor (SI)

The questions in this quiz were not detailed at all and were very very basic. This led to unwanted results. Most of the questions kept relating to counselling despite not having answered yes to any of the questions

I disagree with the results of this quiz because I do not meet many of the requirements to be an effective counselor. I am not good at imposing a different point of view, and do not like imposing my opinions in people's career choices

Knowledge Test - Social Science

The quiz questions were very in detail and covered a wide array of topics. The questions however did prove to be very specific later on into the quiz, meaning the questions I did in the beginning felt obsolete. My results said that my top subject area is Social Sciences, which I believe to be very accurate.

I agree with the results and consider them to be fairly accurate.

Motivations Test - Achievement

The questions in this quiz were very in depth also, however they lacked a wide subject area thus my motivation factor was obvious from the first few questions.

I agree with the test results that I am driven by achievement of both title and monetary reward. I enjoy being acknowledged for my accomplishments and enjoy being in an environment where accomplishments are possible. I agree with the result that achievement is my main motivational factor

Multiple Intelligence Test - Intrapersonal

The results of the test were very surprising for me and helped me realize how to improve myself in areas that may need improving. My highest MI was intrapersonal strengths. My second highest MI was logical strength. My third highest MI was tied with existential, interpersonal and verbal strengths. My fourth highest MI was tied between Naturalist and Musical strength. My fifth highest, and lowest, was kinesthetic strength.

My highest MI was surprisingly intrapersonal. I assumed that my highest would have been verbal speaking when I went into this test, only to find out that I matched all of the criteria to be classified under intrapersonal strength. I was surprised of this because I am very good at verbal communication and public speaking, So I assumed I would relate more to the verbal strength. I was also surprised about the order of my results. I did not think that my Musical strength would be very high, but it was. I don’t play very many instruments and I found it difficult to learn instruments like the piano, but somehow my musical strength was considerably high. I was also surprised that my visual learning strength was considerably lower than what I would have originally thought.

Knowing now that my highest MI is intrapersonal, I can now use this strength to further advance my other strengths that may currently be lacking. With intrapersonal strength, I can identify what skills I excel at, and what skills need improvement. With this information I can help my learning in various way. For example, I am aware that I am not physically/kinesthetically fit so, with this information, I can improve on my fitness because I am aware of my lack of fitness and in turn can help me in studies as a healthy body means a healthy mind.

True Colours Test

I agree with the result of the true colour assesment. They were generally very accurate. I agree with the results because I feel as though they fit my personal personality relatively well.

Curious green fits my personal need to learn and understand more regarding a wide array of topics and subjects. I also believe that this is true because I am indeed primarily self motivated and think mostly logically regading a situation as opposed to pathologically or ethically. I also enjoy analyzing a situation and examining it to find the best possible solution. I also enjoy not only gaining knowledge, but sharing it also. I regularly share information and knowlegde mith my peers on a daily basis. This is why I believe that curious green fits my personality adequately.

I also agree with my personality color being responsible gold. In most instances, such as a group project, I insure that everything and everyone is neat and orderly regardless of circumstance. I am loyal to whichever group/person I belive to be a friend. I regularly respect all authority and abide by the laws that are created to maintain order and applaud people who do. However, I am not oragnized and do not consider myself organized in many parts of my life.

In conclusion, I believe that the colour personality test is in some way accurate. It didn’t percisely depict my personality, but it did acheive a general idea about my personality which I belive to be accurate.